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Download AcousticCore 8 For Mac 8.0

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Added: August 13, 2008 Visits: 842

Perform audio, acoustical and vibrational measurements user-friendly, accurate and flexible using a sound card. WinMLS2000 is widely used by professionals. Now low-cost versions allow the amateur to perform professional loudspeaker and room measurements User friendliness is ensured through...

Platforms: Windows
License: SharewareCost: $39.00 USDSize: 7.81 MBDownload (343): WinMLS 2000 Download

Released: July 06, 2012 Added: July 06, 2012 Visits: 306

Download Acoustic Core 8 For Mac 8.0 Torrent

*** The offered price is limited to App Store, for personal use only ***AcousticCore(R) won Acoustical Society of Japan's Technology Development prize in 2007.Since we started selling AcousticCore(R) in 1998, we have received suppo

Platforms: Mac
License: SharewareCost: $299.99 USDSize: 1.6 MBDownload (38): AcousticCore 8 Download

Released: August 21, 2012 Added: August 21, 2012 Visits: 339

Helicopter Rescue Pro is an amazing game, the concept of the game is about a huge earthquake that provoked sea water to flood complete cities, you have to guide rescue team to save all necessary people from the ceilings of the buildings.This game wi
Platforms: Mac

License: SharewareCost: $0.99 USDSize: 4.3 MBDownload (35): Helicopter Rescue Pro Deluxe Download

Released: April 16, 2014 Added: April 16, 2014 Visits: 114

Pilot through a dangerous sector of converging ceilings and floors, while dodging crates that block your path to a safe existence. The longer you last the harder it is to survive. Requirements: iOS 7.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Platforms: iOS

License: FreewareSize: 4.6 MBDownload (13): Chopper Blocker Download

Released: June 01, 2013 Added: June 01, 2013 Visits: 206

Acoustical prediction software for End Fired sub bass configurations. The user can change parameters like distance, delay, and see the mapping and polar patterns. Requirements: iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Platforms: iOS

License: FreewareSize: 7.3 MBDownload (13): End Fired Download

Released: April 10, 2014 Added: April 10, 2014 Visits: 167

New Horrible game Added! You enter a dark and spooky room. You can only hear your own breath and sound of dripping BLOOD. What happended? Walls, floors, ceilings, windows, curtains...You see BLOOD Everywhere. No one knows what happened, and no one knows what will happen. The only way to...
Platforms: iOS

License: FreewareSize: 129 MBDownload (14): Hidden Objects - Call of Horror Download

Released: May 01, 2012 Added: May 01, 2012 Visits: 212

Use for window phone calculates the amount of paint for a project. As an input accepts up to four hundred data between walls and ceilings. Menu provides options for change covertures area per gallon so it can be used in addition to all types of paint, sealants, etc. Output detail the total paint...
Platforms: Windows Phone

License: FreewareSize: 4 MBDownload (13): Paint Calculator Download

Released: January 07, 2001 Added: October 18, 2006 Visits: 3.010

Converter Pro comes with a database that contains the most important conversion factors to convert length, area, volume, mass, force, pressure, density, energy, power, temperature, dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity and time units (engineering option) and optionally, also with practically all...
Platforms: Windows

License: SharewareCost: $25.00 USDSize: 2.57 MBDownload (267): Converter Pro Download

Added: July 11, 2006 Visits: 2.432

Knowledge Room uses 3-D technology to enable users to navigate, gather, organize, and recall information. Taking advantage of human perception and spatial memory, Knowledge Room helps people organize information in their computer in the same way they organize in the real world: by manipulating...
Platforms: Windows

License: SharewareCost: $19.95 USDSize: 3.35 MBDownload (119): Knowledge Room Download

Added: January 14, 2006 Visits: 3.321

Sample Champion is a powerful real-time software tool designed for high precision acoustic measurements. With Sample Champion you will be able to measure the Impulse Response of a room, or analyze loudspeaker Frequency Responses using the MLS (Maximum Length Sequence) method. It has been...
Platforms: Windows

License: SharewareCost: $199.00 USDSize: 3.38 MBDownload (441): Sample Champion Download

Added: August 07, 2008 Visits: 727
Download AcousticCore 8 For Mac 8.0

The program is a system of finishing work calculations in dwelling and public buildings. It is available to get information about the project totals (walls and ceilings finish materials, floor types codes and openings for various rooms groups). It also allows: - various reports generation...
Platforms: Windows

License: SharewareCost: $180.00 USDSize: 5.35 MBDownload (231): Architect and Constructor DBMS Download

Added: August 12, 2008 Visits: 1.127

Tons of music files and no way to manage them? Bored, listening to the same music over and over? Tired of creating manual playlists? Try the MusicMagic Mixer! DSP POWER for instant mixes and non-random acoustic shuffles. The MusicMagic Mixer is the ultimate music library power tool to create...
Platforms: Windows

License: FreewareSize: 2.5 MBDownload (404): MusicMagic(TM) Mixer Download

Added: August 11, 2008 Visits: 1.110

EVPmaker is an experimental software for the generation of acoustic 'raw material' for recordings of paranormal voices on tape, also known as 'Electronic Voice Phenomena' (EVP). For this purpose, the program divides any recording of speech into short segments and then plays them back continuously...
Platforms: Windows

License: FreewareSize: 1.6 MBDownload (203): EVPmaker Download

Released: November 07, 2008 Added: November 10, 2008 Visits: 1.103

FabulousMP3 makes your MP3/WAV files better for your iPod: 'FabulousMP3' is an MP3/WAV file converting tool with a multiband compression audio processor. This program can be used to create a wide variety of processing that can make the music file smoother or punchier for comfortable listening...
Platforms: Windows

License: SharewareCost: $35.00 USDSize: 1.4 MBDownload (156): FabulousMP3 Download

Released: March 22, 2011 Added: April 02, 2011 Visits: 1.190

ServerSentinel is the reliable and automated monitoring software for servers, network services, hard drives and memory usage. With various monitoring sensors and individually definable testing intervals, ServerSentinel monitors systems for failures and irregularities. If failure or irregularity...
Platforms: Windows

License: SharewareCost: $64.95 USDSize: 18.99 MBDownload (225): ServerSentinel Download

Added: August 27, 2010 Visits: 1.355

Japa short from JACK and ALSA Perceptual Analyser is a perceptual or psychoacoustic audio spectrum analyser. In contrast to JAAA, this is more an acoustical or musical tool than a purely technical one. Possible uses include spectrum monitoring while mixing or mastering, evaluation of ambient...
Platforms: *nix

License: FreewareSize: 33.79 KBDownload (90): Japa Download

Added: August 20, 2010 Visits: 722
Download acoustic core 8 for mac 8.0 torrent

Audiolog scans in realtime logfiles and the output of debug or trace programs like tcpdump. A small configuration file assigns regular expressions to arbitrary sound effects. What is so special about Audiolog is its small latency with that the acoustical signals are produced. This feature makes...
Platforms: *nix

Core 8 Marketing

License: FreewareSize: 19.46 KBDownload (96): Audiolog Download

Added: April 20, 2010 Visits: 708

oa is a toy I needed to experiment with some wave-forms. I was trying to produce some 'ooo' and 'aaa' sound, like what do some guitarists with some pedals, so I made this program to help me doing this. I like it so much I decided to release it ! even if it is only a toy. oa project works with...
Platforms: *nix

Download Acousticcore 8 For Mac 8.0 Crack

License: FreewareSize: 30.72 KBDownload (80): oa Download

Added: January 25, 2010 Visits: 613

The Faber Electroacoustics Toolbox (FEaT) is a modularized, multi-channel dynamic signal analyzer and data acquisition platform for the Mac.FEaT brings powerful new tools to the Macintosh platform for multi-channel, audio-band data acquisition and real-time analysis of electrical, acoustical, and...
Platforms: Mac

Core 8 Mlm

License: DemoCost: $0.00 USDDownload (81): Electroacoustics Toolbox Download

Released: June 25, 2012 Added: June 25, 2012 Visits: 456

Core 8 Networking

Play as one of four different members of the Hard Corps team. Raised in the city slums, Ray Poward is an expert combatant. Sheena Etranzi is a jungle girl especially skilled in guerilla tactics. Brad Fang is part wolf-man, part cyborg, with a Gatling gun grafted onto his left arm. Browny is a...
Platforms: Windows

License: FreewareSize: 1.86 MBDownload (42): Contra - Hard Corps Download

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