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Download Audio Tuner For Mac 0.4

Audio Tuner is an app for Mac that works as a spectrum analyzer and tone generator for various musical instruments. These include: guitar, ukelele, violin, piano, banjo, bass and cello.
The app's principal function is to serve as a tuner of said instruments, using the computer's microphone to capture the instrument's sound.
Select the instrument and corresponding notes, and activate 'Hear Note' to hear it through your speakers. The system will indicate under 'Analysis' if the strength of the sound's source is sufficient or not.
For OS X 10.5 or greater

BOSS Tuner is an Android Music & Audio app developed by Roland Corporation and published on the Google play store. It has gained around 1000000 installs so far, with an average rating of 4.0 out of 5 in the play store. ‎AudioNotch is a mobile app that allows you to create and listen to Notched Sound Therapy that has been customized for your particular tinnitus frequency. Tinnitus is the perception of sound in the absence of any external environmental sound. It affects millions of people worldwide, and usually pre. WavePad is audio editing software for Mac OS X. This program lets you make and edit voice, music and other audio recordings. You can cut, copy and paste parts of recording and, if required, add effects like echo, amplification and noise reduction.

  1. Metronome is a free metronome for Mac OS X. Most functions (start/stop, change tempo &etc) use only one key to facilitate one-handed operation. A unique Accelerator - begin a difficult piece.
  2. Audio Tuner 0.4 is the best Audio tuner Software available in the market for Mac operating system. It offers features called spectrum analyzer and pitch-pipe helps you to tune almost any musical instrument. It can show real-time spectrum analysis for correcting pitch and detecting its low or high levels. Other good Audio tuner Software available.
Reviewed by Álvaro Toledo Translated by Aaron Stearns

Musical instrument out of tune?

Audio Tuner is a free chromatic instrument tuner. Play your instrument into your computer's microphone and Audio Tuner will tell you the frequency being played. Select the note to tune it to and Audio Tuner will tell you if you are too flat or too sharp. This is applicable to guitars, ukuleles, pianos, and any other musical instrument you'd care to name.

Here's an action screenshot.


Mobile Tuners
Why carry a separate digital tuner with you!?
Select the version appropriate to your mobile below.
Windows Mobile or Pocket PC
Java mobile - e.g. Nokia, Sony
BlackBerry mobile
Google Android
iPhone and iPod Touch
  • You need a microphone connected to your computer, or be able to connect your musical instrument directly into the computer. Need a microphone? Get a Logitech USB Microphone from Amazon
  • This software is designed for Microsoft Windows. Have a Mac?


(version 1.7)

Run the downloaded software to install it on your PC.


Download Audio Tuner For Mac 0.4

Maintaining and supporting Audio Tuner takes time and effort. If Audio Tuner has benefited you, please purchase the software. What you get:

  • Lifetime upgrades to the software
  • Unlimited online support

1st option: Write a hit song and dedicate it to Audio Tuner. Suggested lyric: 'I couldn't have kept my guitar in tune without Supernifty's Audio Tuner!'

2nd option:

Not only will you blessed with an inordinate amount of karma, you will be helping support bug fixes and enhancements to the Supernifty software that you use.

Help and Documentation

If you are having problems or want to learn more, try the following:

  • Learn more about tuning methods

Download Audio Tuner For Mac 0.4 Pro

Supported Instruments

If you have an instrument which isn't on Audio Tuner, I'm happy to add it. Just send me the name of the instrument, along with the list of notes required to tune it. You need to be specific with the notes - give me a frequency, or which octave on the piano it corresponds to.

Current instruments:

  • Viola
  • Violin
  • Piano
  • Bass Guitar
  • Banjo
  • Mandolin
  • Autoharp
  • Cello
  • Chapman stick
  • Mountain dulcimer

Other Versions


You may be interested in assisting with the development


Audio Tuner is licensed under a Creative Commons agreement. Basically this license means the software can only be redistributed in unmodified form.

If you want to use it for something else, just ask.


Release History

18-sep-11 Version 1.7

  • Charango tuning added
  • Support for Dutch language
  • Concert pitch support
  • Performance improvements

3-apr-11 Version 1.6

  • Tahitian ukulele tuning added
  • Alternative bass tunings - 5-string, drop D, drop C, low B
  • Tuning for 8 course renaissance lute
  • Better tone generation for low frequencies
  • Improved spectrum analysis accuracy
  • Color coding for at a glance tuning

2-aug-10 Version 1.4

  • spectrum display now shows correctly for all regions and locales

14-jul-10 Version 1.3

  • viola tuning re-added

18-jun-10 Version 1.2

  • auto note picker - hands free tuning
  • alternate guitar tunings added
  • alternate banjo tunings added
  • chapman stick tunings added
  • mountain dulcimer tunings added

19-jul-09 Version 1.1

Tv Tuner For Mac

  • viola tuning added

27-nov-08 Version 1.0

  • addition of pitch analysis for quicker tuning
  • better signal strength measurement

21-jul-08 Version 0.9

  • added new ukulele tunings: low G, D tuning, D tuning with low A.
  • fixed upgrade window to work properly in Windows Vista.

19-may-2008 Version 0.8

Download Audio Tuner for Mac 0.4 software
  • remember the last note tuned
  • option to automatically pick the note being tuned
  • baritone ukulele tuning added

14-mar-2008 Version 0.7

  • improved the check for updates page
  • automatically check for updates on startup

21-Feb-2008 Version 0.6

  • added cello tuning
  • remember instrument
  • use arrow keys to change note

31-Jan-2008 Version 0.5

  • added mandolin, autoharp tunings
  • only show incoming signal when requested

20-Jan-2008 Version 0.4

  • added banjo, bass guitar tunings
  • high resolution option
  • listen to target note option

9-Jan-2008 Version 0.3

  • added violin and piano tunings
  • launch application when finished installing
  • ensure application not running when upgrading
  • corrected identification of secondary peaks

7-Jan-2008 Version 0.2

  • Improved UI layout
  • Improved range selection
  • Avoid 50hz in calculations

6-Jan-2008 Version 0.1

  • Initial release

Coming Soon!

  • Noise reduction

Download Audio Tuner For Mac 0.4 Software

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