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Download Calculus For Mac 2.2.3

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Download Calculus for macOS 10.10 or later and enjoy it on your Mac. Addressed issue that could create problems on machines running OS 10.15 (Catalina). Seller Carlo Rubini Size 7.3 MB.


MAC 2233


Spring 2015

Instructor: Mr. RosenthalSections RVC

Offline Office Hours in DM 417A:
By appointment only

Phone: (305)348-2380, but the quickest way to reach me is by email

Online Office Hours: By appointment only using Adobe Connect Pro

E-mail:[email protected]

A one semester introduction to the basic notions of calculus. Specific topics include: Differential Calculus using polynomial, exponential and logarithmic functions, and its application to optimization; integral calculus with area and probability applications.


A 'C' or higher in Precalculus Algebra (MAC 1140) or, for those with no prior college math courses, a 60 or higher on the ALEKS Placement exam. Students lacking this prerequisite will be dropped during the first week of class.

Calculus for Business, Economics and The Social and Life Sciences

Hoffmann & Bradley
McGraw-Hill, Brief 11th Edition, 2013

You are required to purchase access to the text's online homework delivery web site, McGraw-Hill Connect. You will need an access code the first time you go to the site. If you have a new text that came with an access code, you may enter it. If not, click “Buy Online”. You will have two choices. If you already have a book, but need access to the online homework, choose the top option: one semester access for $60. If you do not own the text, choose the bottom option: one semester access to the online homework along with access to the e-book for $95. If you do not have an access code or have not yet secured your tuition funds, you can click “Start Courtesy Access' during registration. This trial will provide temporary Connect access (2 weeks) and will remind you to purchase online access before the end of your trial.

The solutions homework problems from the text can be found here:
Chapter 1 (11th edition solution)
Chapter 2 (11th edition solution)
Chapter 3 (11th edition solution)
Chapter 4 (11th edition solution)
Chapter 5 (11th edition solution)
Chapter 6 (11th edition solution)
Chapter 7 (11th edition solution)
It will ask you for a password, which will be posted in lesson 0. To view the solutions, you need Adobe Reader, a free download.


Rates & Slopes (not in text) and sections 1.5, 1.6, 2.1-2.5, 3.1-3.5, 4.1-4.4, 5.1-5.5, 6.1, 7.1-7.3

Tests 1-3 will each be worth 20% of your grade, the McGraw-Hill Connect homework will be 15% of your grade and the final exam will be 25% of your grade. Textbook homework is not turned in and does not count towards your homework grade. You will still have to do the assigned offline homework from the text to be adequately prepared for my tests. For McGraw-Hill Connect homework, please pay attention to the due dates listed on the Connect web site. There are no extensions on due dates; don't even ask! Don't wait until the day the homework is due to do it, because if your Internet connection goes out, you are out of luck.

After rounding off your average to the nearest whole number, the following grading scale will be applied:

Calculus 3 Pdf























I will NEVER 'curve' grades or drop your lowest grade.

On test days, attendance is required. There are NO MAKEUP TESTS. If you miss a test and, in the opinion of the instructor, the absence is excusable, your final exam will count as two grades. If the absence is not excusable, you will receive a zero on the test missed. Be prepared to document your excuse with a traffic ticket, hospital bill, arrest form, etc. A doctor's note is not acceptable unless it says '(student's name) was unable to attend school on (date of test).' Tardiness is permitted on test days without penalty although you will have less time on the test than everyone else. If you are so late that someone has already turned in their test before you arrive, you will not be allowed to take the test.
All tests must be written using pencil. A scientific calculator is required. Graphing calculators are prohibited on tests.NOTE: If you see a note posted saying that a test is canceled, make sure it is on FIU stationary and wait until the starting time of class before leaving.

Download Calculus For Mac 2.2.3 Professional

Cell phones:
Cell phones must be turned off during tests. The vibrate mode is not considered turned off. Cellular phones must not be visible to you or me. If they are on your belt, they are visible. If they are in your book bag or pocket, they are not. Violations of this policy will result in you having to put the cell phone in the hallway immediately outside the class. If you are afraid it will be stolen, you may choose to leave with it, but you will not be readmitted to the test and all unanswered test questions will be marked wrong.


DROPS are not initiated by Prof. Rosenthal. If you stop attending, you must drop this class yourself to avoid a grade of F. The deadline for dropping classes with a grade of DR is March 23.

EXTRA TUITION CHARGES FOR REPEATED COURSES AND EXCESS HOURS: The Florida Legislature has mandated a tuition surcharge for the third time a student either takes or attempts a college credit course. This charge should serve as additional motivation for you not to have to retake this course. In other words, DO THE HOMEWORK!!!!!

ACADEMIC MISCONDUCT includes (but is not limited to) giving or receiving assistance on a test, quiz, or homework assignment for which such assistance is not permitted, falsifying a document to obtain an excusal from a test, and using unauthorized notes on a test or quiz. A more complete definition of Academic Misconduct is given
here. Penalties for Academic Misconduct range from an F in the course to expulsion from the university.

COURSE CALENDAR (You may work ahead, but do not fall behind!)


Watch the Mimio movie for

Textbook section(s)

McGraw-Hill Connect Homework(these are the days the homework is assigned. The due dates and times are given on the Connect site)

Textbook Homework

Jan. 13

Lesson 0 &
Lesson 1

Rates & Slopes (not in text)

Lesson 1

There is no textbook homework for this lesson. Instead do these 4 problems. The answers are on page 2. To view this document, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download.

Jan. 15

Lesson 2

1.5 & 1.6

Lesson 2

Sec. 1.6 #'s 9, 18 and 45 (pp. 88-89)

Jan. 20

Lesson 3

1.6 & 2.1

Lesson 3

Sec. 2.1 # 21 (p.114)

Jan. 22

Lesson 4

2.2 & 2.3

Lesson 4

Sec. 2.2 #'s 20 & 61 (pp. 128-30)

Jan. 27

Lesson 5

2.3 & 2.4

Lesson 5

Sec. 2.3 #'s 44, 49a, 51a and 69 (pp. 143-5)
Sec. 2.4 #'s 45 & 65
(p. 157)

Jan. 29

Lesson 6


Lesson 6

Sec. 2.5 #'s 3, 11 & 15 (pp. 168-9)

Feb. 3

Lesson 7




Feb. 5

No new movie to watch

Continue to review for Saturday's test



Feb. 7

Test #1

Room GL 100


covers lessons 1-7

Feb. 10

Lesson 8


Lesson 8


Feb. 12

Lesson 9

at 5:57on

the counter, I

Lesson 9
say positive when I

From sec. 2.3, do 49b & 51b(pp. 143-4)
meant to say negative.

Feb. 17

Lesson 10


Lesson 10

From sec. 3.1, do 55 (p. 212)

Feb. 19Lesson 113.4Lesson 11From sec. 3.2, do 57b (p. 231)
Feb. 24

Lesson 12


Lesson 12

Do #52 from the chapter summary (p. 290)

Feb. 26

Lesson 13




Feb. 28

Test #2

Room CP 145


covers lessons 8-13

Mar. 3

Lesson 14


Lesson 14

Sec. 4.1 #'s 43, 44 & 51 (p. 310)

Mar. 5

Lesson 15


Lesson 15

Sec. 4.2 #'s 38 & 51 (p. 326)

Mar. 17

Lesson 16


Lesson 16

Sec. 4.3 #'s 21, 56(p. 341)

Mar. 19

Lesson 17

4.3, 4.4 & 5.1

Lesson 17

Sec. 4.3 #'s 65c, 66c, 73, 77 (p. 342)
Sec. 4.4 #'s 27, 36 (pp. 356-7)
You don't have to graph #36

Mar. 24

Lesson 18

5.1 & 5.2

Lesson 18

Sec. 5.1 #'s 12, 18, 22, 49, 51 & 53 (pp.388-9)
Sec. 5.2 #'s 4, 51, 53 (pp.403-4)

Mar. 26

Lesson 19


Lesson 19

Sec. 5.3 #'s 32, 42, 63, 65, 67 (pp. 420-1)

Mar. 31

Lesson 20




Apr. 2

No new movie to watch

Continue to review for Saturday's test



Apr. 4

Test #3

Room CP 145


covers lessons 14-20

Apr. 7

Lesson 21


Lesson 21

Sec. 5.4 #'s 5, 15 & 41 (pp.437-9)

Apr. 9

Lesson 22


Lesson 22

Sec. 5.5 # 17 (p. 450)

Apr. 14

Lesson 23

6.1, 7.1 & 7.2

Lesson 23

Sec. 7.1 #'s 7 & 37 (pp. 556-7)

Apr. 16

Lesson 24


Lesson 24

Sec. 7.3 #17(p.589)

Apr. 21

Lesson 25




Apr. 23

No new movie to watch

Continue to review for the final exam



May 2

Final Exam

AHC3 room 110




Calculus 3 Book

Older Mac OS
506 KB
This includes USB webcams! Also, iChatUSBCam enables video conferencing on G3 computers which fall below Apple's minimum CPU speed requirements.
iChatUSBCam also lets you adjust your camera's brightness, contrast, and more.
Use iChatUSBCam to enable your G3 for DV cameras such as the iSight.
· Use most USB webcams with iChat AV.
· Video Conference on a computer that iChat AV does not support.
· Adjust camera settings like brightness and contrast.
· Use a DV camera on a G3.
· Adjust all iSight settings.
· Video Conference using your screen as a video source.
· Easily switch between multiple video sources.
· Try before you buy! Download the demo.
· iChat AV 2.0 or higher
· QuickTime video source such as a USB webcam with compatible drivers
What's New:
· Fixes an installation issue observed by some Mac OS X v10.5 (Leopard) users

Download Calculus For Mac 2.2.3 Key

Download Calculus For Mac 2.2.3

Download Calculus For Mac 2.2.3 Free

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