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Download Chicken Math For Mac 1.1

  1. Download Chicken Math For Mac 1.12.2
  2. Download Chicken Math For Mac 1.1 Online

Generator was developed as a college project by James Ponder as a mechanism for evaluating techniques for optimized processor emulation. To that end, it provides surprisingly fast performance for an emulator with no assembly code in it, using tricks such as block marking and redundant flag calculation removal.


  • Support for both standard sound chips (YM2612 and SN76489).
  • Two different video rendering modes; one for speed, one for accuracy.
  • Support for both SMD and BIN format files.


Download Chicken Math for Mac 1.12Download chicken math for mac 1.12.2

Generator (1.6MB)

Optional Extras

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This software can be used with Emulator Enhancer, a shareware add-on that includes:

  • Support for USB joysticks and gamepads.
  • Support for full screen mode.
  • Support for audio effects.
  • Support for opening recent games quickly.
  • Much much more.

Download Chicken Math For Mac 1.12.2

Download Chicken Math For Mac 1.1

Download Chicken Math For Mac 1.1 Online