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Returns the string resulting from applying format_string to anyadditional arguments. Within the format string, any characters other thanformat sequences are copied to the result.

The syntax of a format sequence is as follows.

A format sequence consists of a percent sign, followed by optional flags,width, and precision indicators, then terminated with a field typecharacter. The field type controls how the correspondingsprintf argument is to be interpreted, while the flags modifythat interpretation.

The field type characters are:

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The flags modifies the behavior of the formats. The flag characters are:


Examples of flags:

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The field width is an optional integer, followed optionally by a period anda precision. The width specifies the minimum number of characters thatwill be written to the result for this field.

Examples of width:

For numeric fields, the precision controls the number of decimal placesdisplayed. For string fields, the precision determines the maximum numberof characters to be copied from the string. (Thus, the format sequence%10.10s will always contribute exactly ten characters to theresult.)

Examples of precisions:

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For more complex formatting, Ruby supports a reference by name.%<name>s style uses format style, but %{name} style doesn't.

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