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Download FieldLines For Mac 2.1.0

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iCare is an all-in-one package that includes a variety of system tools to help you clean and protect your Mac.

iCare can clean trash, logs, and cache files to free up hard drive space. Its Duplicates and Old Files Finder can further clean up more space for users. Additionally, iCare can clean temporary files of web browser and get rid of unwanted apps or files.

Key Feature:
System Cleanup

iCare scans your system for the 8 different types of junk.

Photo Sweeper

Finding and grouping similars, providing different comparison methods.

iTunes Junk Cleanup

Use iCare to clean unwanted iOS Device backups, Applications, Software Updates, and Broken Downloads.

Adware Cleanup

iCare Makes it easy to remove all adwares and protect your web browser .

Privacy Cleanup

Download FieldLines For Mac 2.1.0 Gratis

Use iCare to clean temporary files of web page to protect personal privacy frequently.


Reclaim more disk space by using our Uninstaller to seek out and remove application related files instead of simply dragging an application to the Trash.

Duplicates Finder

Find identical files quickly and accurately. Smart algorithm is used to help users select unneeded duplicate files and remove them, meanwhile will making sure that at least one instance of each file will be kept safe.

Large Files Finder

Download FieldLines For Mac 2.1.0 Version

Find all those huge files you’d completely forgotten about and remove the ones you no longer need.

Note: While the software is classified as free, it offers in-App Purchases.

Care $9.99
Uninstall $3.99
Duplicate $2.99
Eraser $1.99
startup $2.99
Old File $2.99
Alias $2.99
Memory $0.99