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Download Flying Logic Pro For Mac 3.0.9

Sciral – Shareware – Mac
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Logic Pro X includes a massive collection of instruments, effects, and loops, providing a complete toolkit to create amazing-sounding music. You may want to check out more Mac applications, such as AutoSave for Logic Pro, Course For Logic Pro X - New Features Explored or Flying Logic Pro, which might be similar to Logic Pro X. Download the latest version of AnyLogic for Mac for free. I would rather buy Consideo, Flying Logic, Simgua, Quantrix, Office 2011, and a new 12-Core Mac Pro,. Flying Logic Pro for Mac OS X v.1.2.2 Flying Logic is a revolutionary tool for proactive thinkers, whether you want to change your personal life for the better, or grow a world-class business that impacts thousands or millions of people.

Flying Logic is a revolutionary tool for proactive thinkers, whether you want to change your personal life for the better, or grow a world-class business that impacts thousands or millions of people. Flying Logic is a highly visual, easy to use software application that does for reasoning what spreadsheets do for numbers. Just as you would not do detailed financial projections in your head, you need Flying Logic for all nontrivial planning and reasoning endeavors. Project management software won't help you when you have no idea what part of a complex system needs improvement, or what that improvement might look like, or how to cause that improvement. Answering these questions is a critical and often-overlooked part of the planning process, and this is where Flying Logic shines. Flying Logic diagrams are not static images-- they are working models of your reasoning that you test as you build and that stay 'live' as you share your reasoning with others.


Download Flying Logic Pro For Mac 3.0.9 Iso

Flying Logic Pro for Mac OS X is a Shareware software in the category Business developed by Sciral.

The latest version of Flying Logic Pro for Mac OS X is 3.0.22, released on 06/10/2021. It was initially added to our database on 08/25/2007.

Flying Logic Pro for Mac OS X runs on the following operating systems: Mac.

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Flying Logic Reader For Mac


Logic Protect is a reliable license management, anti-piracy, copy protection, and product activation system featuring high level security and protection against illegal software copying and distribution.

Flying Logic: Version History 3.0.11 – July 16, 2018 Bugs Fixed. Resolved an exception in Chart mode with Project Management enabled when an uninitialiized effort exists for an element. 3.0.10 – November 13, 2017 Bugs Fixed. Removed workaround added in 3.0.8 for Windows 10 Creative Update as a fix is included in the bundled Java 1.8.0144. Avoid changing mouse cursor to wait cursor if the graphics context does not support it.

Additional checks to be sure there is a valid display list before performing actions dependant on its existance. Setting selection field of Document instance in a script did not always show the elements as selected in the canvas. Fixed exception that could occur if script adds a domain to a newly created document in a tab. Other. Bumped scripting API version to 1.9. 3.0.9 – June 14, 2017 Bugs Fixed.

Fixed a bug (introduced in 3.0.7) that would occasionally cause an exception when exporting a document to PDF. 3.0.8 – May 10, 2017 (Windows-only) Bugs Fixed. On a Windows 10 system with the Creative Update installed, Flying Logic can sometimes prematurely exit when saving a file. This version has an interim fix for the issue. 3.0.7 – April 9, 2017 New Features. Flying Logic now packaged with Java SE 8. Scripting API version bumped to 1.8 to reflect this.

Bugs Fixed. Workaround for bug in Java on Mac where some menu shortcut keys on international keyboards generate duplicate operations. Code to prevent exception in Resource dialog. All bugs fixed in 2.2.13 incorporated into this build. 2.2.13 – January 3, 2017 This is a maintenance release for Flying Logic 2. It fixes some bugs and mis-features in version 2.2.12. Feature Improvements.

Options to find text of entity ID or in user-defined attribute names and values. Links to Flying Logic documents can include search parameters for user-defined attribute names and values. Bugs Fixed (relative to version 2.2.12, not 3.0.6). Intermittent exception when resizing windows or revealing selection should be fixed.

Completion values are consistant between spinners and inspector text field. Dates shown in an entity with a dark-colored background now drawn in white instead of black.

3.0.6 – November 21, 2016 New Features. Export diagram to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file. Import from MS Project documents (XML and MPX). New special handling of 'task summaries' when importing from or exporting to Ms Project.

Bugs Fixed. Domain Inspector correctly shows expanded domains when an existing document tab is selected. Dates shown in an entity with a dark-colored background now drawn in white instead of black. Better handling of tasks with a prefered start date occuring before project start date.

Bottom border of chart animates cleanly. 3.0.5 – September 19, 2016 Bugs Fixed.

Removed exception in chart mode involving groups containing only groups. Fixed inconsistent display of Edge Info box. The previously used file name is now correctly set as the default on the next export.

3.0.4 – September 5, 2016 New Feature. Chart view will now displays an 'Edge Info box' if there is a visible annotation or edge weight for a single selected edge. Bugs Fixed. Fixed exception that could occur when a task has a preferred start or finish date. Keyboard shortcuts for Zoom to Fit and Full Size changed to avoid problem with system use of the old shortcuts under Windows.

Other. User's Guide updated to include documentation for Edge Info box and changed shortcuts. Scripting upgraded to use Jython 2.7.0. Scripting API version bumped to 1.6 to reflect this change. 3.0.3 – August 2, 2016 Bugs Fixed. Fixed bug that could hang program under some project scheduling situations. Minor improvements to the MS Project exporter.

Flying Logic Reader For Mac Free

Milestones and junctors in chart mode have consitent look when printing and exporting. 3.0.2 – July 6, 2016 Bugs Fixed. The code that auto-calculates milestone completeness produced an intermittent exception that has been fixed.

Improved the appearance of the chart view when zoomed larger or smaller. Other. Menu shortcuts for View/Zoom to Fit and View/Full Size changed to avoid conflicts with use of the old shortcuts by the operting system under Windows. Changes not currently documented in User's Guide.

3.0.1 – June 23, 2016 New Features. Find and search for resource names and abbreviations. Also available via scripting. Bugs Fixed. Long document names in tabs are truncated properly and have tooltip to display full title.

Group titles too long to display have tooltip to view full title. Context menu for showing and hiding columns in chart view now appears properly in Windows and Linux.

Completion values are consistant between spinners and inspector text field. Entities should no longer overlap in Outer-to-Inner and Inner-to-Outer layout modes. When confirming if unsaved document should be closed, document name is included in dialog. Added documention for alternate newGroup scripting method in scripting guide. The closeDocument scripting method works on a document open in a tab more reliably.

Other. Removed obsolete 'Delete Old Examples' option in Windows and Linux installers. 3.0 – June 6, 2016 New Features. Tabbed document interface. Chart mode. Options to find text of entity ID or in user-defined attribute names and values. Links to Flying Logic documents can include search parameters for user-defined attribute names and values.

Project management now supports resources, alternate calendars, work hours for calendar, resource assignment rules, and sub-day efforts. Completion values of miletsones are auto-calculated. Project Management tab of Document inspector and the Entity tab of Element inspector have additional controls for new project management features. Entity classes can be created with a default resource assignment rule and milestone setting. Note: because of the introduction of work hours, entity classes no longer have a default effort beyond indicating the class is a milestone (zero effort). Updated User's and Scripting Guides. Bugs Fixed.

Shift-Delete of group correctly recursively deletes elements included. Dragging a selection that includes edges into or out of a group now works properly again. When creating a back-up of document file, '.backup' is added after the last dot in the filename, not the first. Small textual fixes to Thinking with Flying Logic document.

2.2.12 – January 28, 2016 Bugs Fixed. Entities will no longer overlap in Inner-to-Outer and Outer-to-Inner layouts. Moving a group will not pull children out of that group even if selected. Mac only: Opening a Flying Logic document by double-clicking on the icon or droping the icon on the application icon would sometimes leave text fields un-editable until some other window was brought to front. This has been resolved. Other Changes. Scripting guide now has correct name for method vertexOperatorByName.

2.2.11 – May 27, 2015 New Features. Scripts now have a new predefined variable scriptMode that is set to either 'standard', 'importer' or 'exporter'. Added isBackEdge field to Edge scripting class. Bugs Fixed. Properly documented existing filterGraphElemList method in Application scripting class. Added fix that should prevent attempts to open inline editor for invalid graph elements. Documents exported to MS Project now have a correct confidence value in a task’s custom Number 1 field.

Other Changes. Scripting guide updated. Scripting API version bumped to 1.4. 2.2.10 – October 29, 2014 Bugs Fixed. Fixed a bug introduced in 2.2.9 that prevented loading of examples and very old document files. 2.2.9 – October 15, 2014 Bugs Fixed.

Saved window position and size fixes. Reverted some Mac-specific changes in 2.2.8 to restore Preferences menu item and document icon handling. 2.2.8 – September 29, 2014 Bugs Fixed. Fixed-rate animation does not render all animation frames if speed would be affected.

Additional animation speed improvements on Mac version. Bug with detecting Java version on Mac fixed. This may resolve some UI issues. 2.2.7 (Mac-only update) – July 7, 2014 Bugs Fixed.

Retina support re-enabled in Lion/Mountain Lion/Mavericks release. In-app registration works again. Document windows now have a minimum size. 2.2.6 – June 16, 2014 New Features.

Mac version now runs under Java 7. A separate release for Snow Leopard users that runs under Java 6 is available. CSV import now has options for how to interpret row indexes. Bugs Fixed. Fixed bug in the modifyAttributes scripting method of the Document class involving project management attributes.

Other Changes. Scripting API version bumped to 1.3. 2.2.5 – March 12, 2014 Bugs Fixed. Some tasks with large effort values would have an incorrectly calculated start date during end-to-start scheduling. 2.2.4 – February 18, 2014 Bugs Fixed. Setting a prefered task start or end date of an entity when a project is set to end-to-start scheduling no longer causes an exception. 2.2.3 – January 12, 2014 New Features.

Support for Mac computers with Retina displays. Bugs Fixed. Document creation via scripts is now significantly faster. On rare occasions large graphs could throw an exception relating to sorting elements. This should no longer occur. 2.2.2 – September 23, 2013 New Features. Save Ink option also available when exporting a diagram to an image or PDF.

Annotation tooltips are now shown as styled text. Task dates can now be calculated from end date. Preferences to set number of scripts listed in various scripting-related sub-menus. A column can be associated with annotations in Import from CSV. The context menu for entities now includes a New Entity sub-menu.

New scripting features to support accessing SQL databases. Document class now has methods to access the graph as a list of ordered (acyclic) elements. Bugs Fixed. Tweaks to graph layout to improve appearance. Bug in type pop-up menus in User-Defined Attributes inspector fixed. Entering a empty string for an integer or real value in the User-Defined Attributes inspector no longer causes an exception. 2.2.1 – August 26, 2013 New Features.

Project Management tab in Document Inspector now displays the calculated project end date. Raised application's Java heap size to 768Mb. New scripting features to support using third-party Java and Python libraries. Additional scripting methods – see 'API 1.1' entries in Scripting Guide. Bugs Fixed.

Clearing a field in Print Preview dialog no longer causes an exception when the field loses focus. Scripting method getAnnotationNumber no longer throws an exception if a graph element had no annotation. Newly created entities should now respond to confidence change keyboard shortcuts. Other minor bug fixes. 2.2 – July 11, 2013 New Features. Application-level scripting including writing exporters and importers. XSLT import/export.

User-defined attributes and associated inspector for both graph elements and document. Duplicate domains and entity classes. Group symbols. Hide class names in entities. Generic and Note entity classes have hidden class names. New Element Text Attributes dialog consolidates global document text settings of entities, groups and annotations. Export to PDF can now optionally include header/footer.

CSV (comma-separated values) importer. Enhanced intra-document and inter-document linking. Inner/Outer orientations now use Left-to-Right positioning for predecessor/successor hit parts. Format buttons in Text Inspector. Preference option to disable all Control-Alt menu shortcuts (Windows only). Scripting Guide in Documentation sub-menu. Bugs Fixed.

Edge annotations now properly display non-latin characters. Moving the selection via keyboard shortcuts no longer causes exception. 2.1.3 – February 27, 2013 New Features.

Group context menu now includes Hoist command. There is a new Windows-only Preference to disable Ctrl-Alt menu shortcuts — a workaround for issues with some international keyboards. Improvements to Browse functionally in Add Hyperlink dialog. The context menus for edges and groups are now available in the Reader edition, but with a limited set of commands. Bugs Fixed. When there is a selection in a text field, the left and right arrow keys now move the insertion point to the start or end of the selection, respectfully. Documents are added to the Recent Document list when opened via an annotation hyperlink.

Special characters in annotation hyperlinks are now properly escaped. Inner/Outer orientations predecessor and successor QuickZones are always to the left and right of entities, respectfully. Reader edition should now close correctly under Windows or Linux if no file selected initially.

Fix in junctor export to DOT format. Minor exception fix in inline editor.

2.1.2 – November 7, 2012 New Features. Added a Browse button to the Hyperlink Dialog, simplifying the process of linking to a local file. Bugs Fixed. Fixed a bug where, in a hoisted group, a newly created entity would not correctly connect to the currently selected entity if an edge was also selected. Opening multiple Flying Logic documents at one time via their icons no longer causes an exception.

2.1.1 – October 15, 2012 New Features. Added a section about annotation hyperlkinks to the User's Guide. Bugs Fixed. Fixed an exception that could occur when opening a Flying Logic document via its icon. 2.1 – October 10, 2012 New Features.

Radial Orientations. Project Management Workday Exceptions calendar (exceptions export to MS Project). Find function supports matching by regular expression. Find function (non-regular expression) now splits search phrase along spaces and looks for strings containing every individual fragment (respecting other settings like case sensitivity).

Find now dims the canvas except for found elements. Hoisting commands now have keyboard shortcuts. Hoist now adds a path bar at the top of canvas. Hoisted group connectors now display their Entity ID when Entity IDs are visible. Domain menu now has Domain Visibility sub-menu. A new ink-saving option for printing allows groups to be printed without shading. The inspector panel may now be horizontally resized.

Styled annotations are now editable and hyperlinks are clickable in visible edge annotations. Improved appearance and functionality of domain tree control. New Documentation submenu under Help menu. Added list of known compatible Linux versions to Getting Started section of User's Guide. Annotation hyperlinks can link to Flying Logic documents. A hash tag can reference an entity in a Flying Logic document by Entity ID, including in the current document. Window position and size now saved in document and on local system.

Canvas scroll positions and zoom level are saved in document. A collapsed group is now tinted to match its color when not collapsed. Keyboard shortcuts for changing zoom level. SVG symbols now drawn as shapes, not images. Bugs Fixed.

Improved edge layout during Incremental Layout. Minor visual improvements under Linux (especially when using GNOME window manager). Many minor fixes and improvements to annotation editing. The selected Title Font Size menu item changes properly on undo/redo. Format menu is now correctly inactive when editing entity or group titles.

Removed Apply Changes button from Project Management inspector – changes are now tracked automatically. 2.0.5 – April 12, 2012 New Feature. Added a pop-up triangle to the small zoom slider magnify icon. This is a reminder that the magnify icons act as pop-up menus. Bugs Fixed.

On Mac, the Open Examples menu item now appears in the File menu even if no documents are open. Save Domain as Default now works more reliably on Windows Vista and 7. Fixed a bug where some edges would not be included during copy-and-paste. New Document from Selection now works exactly like the sequence of Copy, then New Document, then Paste. Fixed undo menu item text for New Document from Selection.

Missing entity confidence values in a loaded document default to 0.5 instead of causing an exception. Updated toolbar icons that more clearly indicate off/on state. Feature Restored. Export to MS Project MPX files has been restored, but with a warning about compatibility with later versions of MS Project. 2.0.4 – January 18, 2012 New Feature. There are additional Windows menu navigation keyboard shortcuts.

Bugs Fixed. On Mac, hidden modal dialogs no longer block the Preferences and About menu items from functioning.

Fixed an exception in entity class drag-and-drop. When a group is hoisted, dragging an element out of a nested group into the canvas background now properly puts the element in the hoisted group. The cursor is placed at the end of a newly added hyperlink with the cursor's formatting set to no hyperlink. Milestones (entities with an effort of 0 days) now have visible completion spinners.

Completion is now properly exported to MS Project XML files. Example domains can now be either imported into the current document or opened as a new document. The default English (en) version of a resource is now being properly used in non-English locales when no localized version exists. Feature Removed. Export to MS Project MPX files has been removed. Such files were not compatible with later versions of MS Project. 2.0.3 – December 14, 2011 Bugs Fixed.

A bug introduced in 2.0.2 involving Select All and other similar actions has been fixed. Order of View menu items now match the order of icons in toolbar. Dropped 8 and added 48 to title font size submenu. Format menu now has 'o' as a menu navigation shortcut (Windows/Linux).

2.0.2 – December 1, 2011 New Feature. Hyperlinks in annotations can now link to local dcouments via an absolute path (using a file: URL) or a relative path to the current document (no file: needed).

Bugs Fixed. Processing of keyboard shortcuts improved; e.g., pressing Ctrl/Cmd-E no longer adds an entity and opens the Quick Capture dialog. Pasting into a collapsed group could cause an exception. Pasting into collapsed groups has been disallowed.

Pasting into a hoisted group now works consistently. Fixed a problem that sometimes occurred when adding new entities to a hoisted group. Confidence and completion spinners can now be changed via keyboard shortcuts as documented. Custom SVG symbols are saved in Flying Logic documents slightly differently in 2.0.2. This chnage was needed for future compatiblilty. Find and Quick Capture dialogs are automatically hidden when the last document closed on Mac.

In-app registration on Mac should now work when making payments through PayPal. The license agreement dialog no longer pops-up each time the program is run with a new installation on Lion.

Selecting the About Flying Logic or Preferences menu items on the Mac could cause an exception if a modal dialog was open. Now those menu items are non-functional when a modal dialog is open. 2.0.1 – October 25, 2011 New Features. Improved design for Open Examples dialog.

Added document title to all example documents. Window and Linux Installers only deletes the old (1.2) example documents if the user selects that option. Bugs Fixed. Context menus have been reorganized so there are no long lists of entity classes. Default custom domains are not added to existing documents when opened.

In-app registration dialog on WIndows now responds to tabbing correctly. Problem with in-app registration on Windows 7 resolved. Fixed bugs involving drag arrows in canvas. Copying text from a just opened inline editor works correctly. New.xlogic extension now properly replaces old.logic extension when an 1.2 document is opened and saved. Fixed problem with editing annotations containing &, characters. 2.0 – September 18, 2011 New Features.

Sidebar is now a collection of inspectors that can be individually shown or hidden as desired. Title and annotation editing moved to Text inspector. Create new entities from titles via Quick Capture option in Text inspector. Annotations can include styled text and hyperlinks. Document inspector allows adding of info like title, author, headers, footers, etc.

Navigation inspector supports visual scrolling of graph. Element inspector can edit all selected graph elements of same type at once. Canvas can be zoomed smaller and larger. Show unique Entity IDs for each entity element in graph.

Change entity title width and font size. Auto-edit titles of newly created entities. Import custom symbols from bitmapped images (GIF, PNG, JPG, etc.) and SVG drawings. Helpful highlighting when moving edges. Menu option to reverse edges.

Menu option to swap elements. Menu option to swap forward and back edges. Select head or tail entity. Group background color can be changed.

A group can be hoisted to become entire contents of canvas. Incremental layout option minimizes re-layout of graph when new elements are added. Domains can be hidden so they don't appear in the class tree in the Domain inspector. Current domains can be set as the default for newly created documents.

Export diagram to Graphviz (DOT format). Create new document from selection.

Project management features (experimental). Bugs Eixed. Document extension changed to xlogic to resolve problems related to a popular Mac program. Margin and page calculations in Print Preview dialog improved. Other stability fixes. 1.2.3 – August 10, 2010. Fixed exception when scrolling graph by dragging mouse.

Ctrl-Y (Windows) / Cmd-Y (Mac) is an additional shortcut for Redo. Ignores some exceptions reported by Java involving text selection that aren't really bugs. Bundle full JRE with Linux build. 1.2.2 – February 25, 2010.

Download Flying Logic Pro For Mac 3.0.9

Opening the Preferences dialog no longer causes an exception if no document windows are open on Mac. Workaround for a Mac-only Java bug related to text rendering. Improved exception reporting dialog. Ability to specify a proxy server in General Preferences. Allows version checking and other web features to work from behind a firewall.

Windows version now bundled with an international release of Java. No longer causes an exception under Windows when ill-formed start-up parameters are received. Stability enhancements. 1.2.1 – October 31, 2009.

When no documents were open in the Mac version, the About, Preferences and Open Document menu items sometimes caused exceptions or did not function. Custom domains with the same name as a built-in domain could corrupt a document on save. The Create Domain menu item was sometimes enabled when a document first opened, even if the selected domain in the list was a built-in domain.

1.2 – October 29, 2009. Improved printing support. Better memory management— much larger diagrams can now be created without running out of memory.

The arrow keys can be used to navigate the selection. Exported notes now include entity class and title of entities and title of groups. Import a set of custom domains directly from another Flying Logic document. 'Redact' command to quickly remove sensitive information from a selected part of your diagram. Many other fixes and stability improvements. 1.1.1 – January 16, 2008 Bugs Fixed. Fixed bug that preventing Opening a template or domain file.

Saving a document under another name now resets the export path. Better alignment of symbol icons in sidebar class list. Windows: Glitch in Default Bias label in Preferences dialog fixed.

1.1 – January 3, 2008 New Features. Symbol tagging: Individual entities and custom classes can now be assigned a graphical symbol. The entity-assigned symbol overrides the class-assigned symbol (if any). All Editions can now access a set of general-purpose symbols. The Pro Edition has access to a set of symbols useful for flowcharts, influence diagrams, causal loop diagrams, etc. Support for exporting to OPML (outline processor format.).

The menus have been reorganized. In particular, the Entity menu has been split into three menus: Entity, Group, and Domain. Edge annotations can now be displayed and edited inline. Edge weights and edge annotations can now be displayed or hidden individually using commands in the edge contextual menu. The individual settings are overridden by the Show Edge Annotations and Show Edge Weights switches in the toolbar.

The layout of the diagram can now be 'biased' towards the start of the flow or the end of the flow. This affects how the elements of the diagram are ranked for layout, and thus which end of the diagram they will 'stack up' on.

Multiple selected entities can now be collapsed and uncollapsed together using new commands in the Group menu. Back edges now have edge weights. This is useful for Causal Loop Diagrams and other diagrams where every edge can use weights. Weights on back edges are still ignored for confidence value calculation purposes. A memory meter is now shown to the right of the entity title field, and shows the amounts of memory in use (dark blue) and currently allocated to the app (medium blue) relative to the maximum the app will ever ask for (light blue). The application will now start with a heap of 16MB and grow up to a heap of 192MB.

This should help when working with larger diagrams. There are now keyboard hortcuts to move the focus between the Sidebar and Canvas. The title/annotation area at the bottom of the window can now be hidden. Diagrams zoomed down to a smaller size are now drawn more clearly. The modifier key to use to cause recursive expand/collapse when clicking on a group disclosure triangle has changed to Option (Mac)/Alt (Win). In previous versions it was Command (Mac)/Ctrl (Win).

The hotkey to set the selection confidence to 0.5 has been changed from 'N' (which stood for 'Indeterminate') to 'U' (which stands for 'Unknown'). Text in stack trace dialog can now be saved for debugging purposes. New examples for flowcharts, causal loop diagrams, and influence diagrams have been added to the Examples folder. Bugs Fixed. In rare cases, back edges reversed direction. The filled-in part of spinners had a white 'tinge' along the edge. When typing text into title or annotation fields, whitespace (spaces, tabs, etc.) are now automatically removed for the start and end of the entered text.

When attempting to export a diagram that to JPEG or PNG that is too large to fit in application memory, an exception dialog appeared. A more informative error message is now displayed. Under Windows, the Open File dialog did not properly show the file modified date. Known Issues. There is an issue under Windows when running on multiple monitors. When the document window is moved to the larger of the two monitors then scrolling the document may appear incorrect.

We are continuing to investigate. The Flying Logic User's Guide has not yet been updated for version 1.1.

1.0.4 – November 1, 2007 Bugs Fixed. Live search and Find dialog now properly share settings. Orientation popup shows correct direction when document loaded.


Units settings in Image Export dialog are now saved between sessions. Image export dialog disables resolution field when units of width and height are not inches or cm. Operators can now be AND or OR in Student edition. 1.0.3 – October 31, 2007 New Features. Basic printing is now supported. Previously, pressing the Tab key with more than one element selected would do nothing. Now, pressing the Tab key with more than one element selected will reduce the selection to a single entity (if the selection only has one entity to begin with.) So now, after adding an entity to the diagram, just press Tab twice to begin editing the entity's title.

Added hotkeys to change confidence and edge weight values for selected entities and/or edges. For selected driver entities, pressing 'T' sets the confidence value to True, pressing 'F' sets it to False, and pressing 'N' sets it to 'Indeterminate'. For selected edges, pressing '+' sets the edge weight to 1.0, and pressing '-' sets it to -1.0.

For selected driver entities and edges, pressing a number key '0'.' 9' sets the confidence value (or edge weight) to 0.0 through 0.9 in 0.1 increments.

For edge weights only, holding down the Option (Mac) or Alt (Windows) key while pressing a number key '1'.' 9' will set the edge weight to a negative value from -0.1.-0.9.

The 'Copy/Cut Includes Successors/Predecessors' commands have been replaced in favor of two new commands: 'Select Successors' and 'Select Predecessors'. Exporting to JPEG and PNG now has options for setting the dimensions of the exported image. Finding text in the document is now supported both via a live search field in the toolbar and via a Find dialog box. 'Add Entity as Successor' shortcut key changed to Cmd-Shift-E (Mac) or Ctrl-Shift-E (Windows), and the shortcut now appears in menu. New shortcuts for Show Confidence: Cmd-Shift-C (Mac) or Ctrl-Shift-C (Windows), Show Edge Weights: Cmd-Shift-W (Mac) or Ctrl-Shift-W (Windows), and Show Note Numbers: Cmd-Shift-N (Mac) or Ctrl-Shift-N (Windows). New shortcuts for New Domain: Cmd-Opt-O (Mac) or Ctrl-Alt-O (Windows) and New Class: Cmd-Opt-C (Mac) or Ctrl-Alt-C (Windows). The orientation popup menu now has arrow icons that provide a visual indicator of the orientation.

Bugs Fixed. No longer throws exception when running under Mac OS X 10.5 'Leopard'. State of 'Add Entity as Successor' switch is now saved with the document. Moved 'Evidence-Based Analysis Domain' last in list of built-in domains. Graph component's Add Entity context-menu correctly displays custom domains and entity classes.

1.0.2 New Features. Documentation: Welcome to Flying Logic and Thinking with Flying Logic now complete and included in distribution. Bugs Fixed.

Watermarks made less obtrusive for registered Student Edition versions. 1.0.1 Bugs Fixed.

Download Flying Logic Pro For Mac 3.0.9 Key

Turning off animations no longer causes an exception. 1.0. Initial release.

Download Flying Logic Pro For Mac 3.0.9 Professional

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