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One may select either “View U.S. Mortality Data” or “View Japanese Mortality Data” by clicking on the appropriate icon.

Clicking on 'View U.S. Mortality Data' opens a list of forms of mortality asrecorded in Vital Statistics of the United States beginningwith 'All Causes' and ending with 'Senility'.This site contains most but not all data regarding more common forms of cancer and other forms of mortality.Researchers interesting of organizing data for any unlisted disease(s) should contact Prof. W.G.Thilly, [email protected], for advice and/or assistance. We would be pleased to include links to historical databases for other countries.

Clicking on a particular group of diseases such as “Digestive organs and Peritoneum (76-89)” under Malignant Neoplasms displays a more specific list of cancers.

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Numbers shown in brackets are the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (UCR358 and ICD-10) Codes used to categorize diagnoses recorded as the cause of death. In some cases we have combined data from several cancer sites in order to obtain a more complete historical record. For example, Colon Cancer (83) was recorded only since 1958 but if combined with Anal Cancer and Small Intestine, they yield a historical intersection with Lower Gastro-intestinal Tract Cancer with records continuous from 1900-2006. Occasionally, the printed record contained obvious typographic errors or nonsensical data. In these cases interpolations were used to fill in missing values and such interpolations are clearly printed in red in the primary record of number of deaths on the Excel file sheets 'MOR(t)'.

Clicking next on a specific cancer site such as “Lower GI Tract” opens a page of summary data recorded from 1900-2019 organized by gender and ethnic groups (EA, European-Americans and NEA, Non-European Americans, predominantly African-Americans) and secondarily with regard to (a.) age of death (displayed chart) (b.) calendar year of birth and (c.) calendar year of death. Charts for (b.) and (c.) are opened by clicking the desired gender and ethnic group for each category.

Shown are summary charts in which the log10 age-specific mortality rates (annual deaths) on the y-axis are shown as a function of age of death on the x-axis. Each birth decade cohort's age-specific mortality rate is depicted by joined symbols so that the form and historical changes in age-specific lifetime mortality rates for this form of death may be observed in a single chart.

Alternately, one may choose to observe the mortality rates of individual birth decade cohorts displayed over calendar years or as specific age-specific death rates, e.g. 50—54 yrs, displayed over the entire period of recording.

Finally, the complete record for any disease may be downloaded to inspect the raw annual data as recorded by the U.S. Census Bureau or U.S. Public Health Service along with several additional ways to view the data.

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If desired all data on this website may be downloaded by clicking the icon Download all Mortality Data that comprises ~66 Mb as Excel(TM) files.