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18 Best Photo Stitching Softwares

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Still wondering if you need a photo stitching software for professional panoramic photos? Choose one of the following stitching programs to combine multiple photos.

Read my detailed overview of the best photo stitching softwares you can download in 2021 for putting a panorama together easy and realistically.

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1. Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

Best photo stitching software for professionals

Rank (4/5)
Mac / Win Read Lightroom review
  • A wide range of tools for picture editing
  • Intuitive interface
  • Photo management is awesome
  • 1TB of cloud storage
  • Possibility to change pictures with Photoshop CC
  • Paid subscription

Everyone who has ever dealt with image editing and photography is familiar with this widely known program. But Lightroom is one of the best photo stitching softwares, which is quite surprising, as the program is very popular among professional shooters.

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This application practically automatizes the image stitching creation, but the provided results are rather remarkable. You can get this program by purchasing Adobe's Creative Cloud Photography plan with a $9,99 monthly payment. It is quite a beneficial offer, in particular, if you are going to use other functions besides picture stitching ones.


2. Adobe Photoshop CC

Best photo retouching & image stitching software

Rank (4/5)
Mac / Win Read Adobe Photoshop Express Editor review
  • An impressive toolkit for design
  • Excellent software for image manipulations and photo retouching
  • Edit not just photos
  • Not designed particularly for stitching purposes

Photoshop is undoubtedly the most successful and well-known picture post-production program. It feels like Ps is capable of performing any possible image editing operation.

In terms of photo stitching, the software offers the Photomerge function for creating panoramic shots. It has been firstly introduced in the CS3 and still remains in all the later versions.

The panoramic image creation algorithm resembles the one Lightroom offers. However, in Photoshop, a user has a wider choice of panorama shot types – Spherical, Cylindrical or Perspective.

3. PTGui Pro

Best panorama stitching software with free trial

Rank (3.5/5)
Mac / Win
  • Runs on Win and MacOS, being a good multiplatform option
  • Allows creating gigapixel pictures
  • Capability to import hundreds of files and stitch together several panoramas simultaneously
  • Supports most image formats including RAW and has a large variety of export formats
  • Mac support is offered only to PCs powered by Intel CPUs
  • The offered control point technique requires time and patience when working with dozens of photographs
  • Stitching can be a bit too complex for newbies
  • Too high price for personal use

Fast, automated, and reliable, this panorama stitching software for Apple and Microsoft computers enables you to generate Spherical, HDR, and gigapixel panoramas. This software is capable of generating a 1Gpx panoramic photograph in less than 30 seconds while leaving you in full control over how exactly your picture will look like.

Those facts by themselves are enough to prove how powerful and effective PTGui Pro is. The personal use version of this photo stitching program comes with a price tag of $250 and can be installed on up to three devices.

However, only one person is licensed to actually own the app. You also have the option of downloading and testing the trial version if you’re not sure whether this program is worth purchasing.

4. AutoPano Pro

Best image stitching software for GoPro users

Rank (4/5)
Mac / Win
  • Multiplatform support
  • Trial version available
  • Innovative functions like distortion correction
  • Several blending modes
  • Isn’t beginner-friendly

This professional image stitching software was made for creating panoramic photographs and includes all the features you need for merging shots. The large number of functions makes navigating the app rather difficult so if this is the first app of this sort you’re using, be prepared to feel confused.

In addition, AutoPano developers have made an AutoPano Giga version that is packed with even more functions, but that option would cost you a significant amount of money. That being said, GoPro and other action camera owners and photographers who work with panoramic images regularly will adore what AutoPano Pro brings to the table since it offers you all the functionality you may need to create breathtaking stitched photographs.

5. WidsMob Panorama

Best image stitching software for gigapixel pictures

Rank (4/5)
Mac / Win
  • An ability to create gigapixel pictures
  • Simultaneous import of multiple images and creation of numerous panoramas
  • Supports the majority of picture formats and RAW files
  • The stitching procedure may be complicated for newbies

This professional stitching software is capable of creating panoramic images in an automatic way. It provides users with an opportunity to stitch panorama and regular shots quickly and easily.

With WidsMob Panorama, it won’t be a problem to merge way more than a hundred shots into fantastic pictures with an endless number of pixels. You can print the created panoramas in large sizes and still get amazing sharpness.

Moreover, it is the best photo stitching software for merging numerous rows of pictures taken by a smartphone, a regular camera or a wide-angle lens. Various types of panoramas will be stitched together seamlessly.

Manual alignment of stitching points after the automatic panorama creation makes the picture stitching more precise. WidsMob Panorama also offers such adjustments as contrast, saturation, etc., for a more spectacular look of a panoramic shot.

6. ArcSoft Panorama Maker

Best 360 photo stitching software

Rank (3/5)
Mac / Win
  • Full-screen previews
  • Photo and video editing functions
  • Several export options
  • RAW files support
  • Doesn’t provide options for editing raw images

This 360 photo stitching software is meant to help you merge pictures and generate mesmerizing panoramas. Either you’d like to combine a single picture or multiple images, this program is there for you.

You can use 4 modes for combining photographs: landscape, portrait, 360o, and program-defined. Once you’ve stitched the pictures together, you’ll have the possibility to enhance your panoramic image by adding borders or text.

In my opinion, this is the best 360 stitching software on the market in 2021.

  • Get more information about 360° photography by reading my 360 product photography guide.

7. Panoweaver

Best stitcher for RAW images

Rank (4/5)
Mac / Win
  • Can easily switch between different panorama modes
  • Software allows you to export and save stitched photographs in a broad array of formats
  • Stitching often lacks precision
  • The price is too high in comparison to other options

Panoweaver’s main selling point is that it allows users to stitch pictures with a single click. To do it, you merely have to import the source images, enable the program to automatically combine them, save and publish the result.

Stitching can be done with all sorts of picture formats including regular, wide-angle, and RAW. You can choose between demo and paid versions of this stitching program and check out a handy video guide that will help you quickly master the app.

  • Check out what is the highest quality image format for panoramic photos.

8. Kolor Autopano

Best stitching software with additional features

Rank (3.5/5)
  • Exposure settings and color blending modes
  • Panoramic recognition
  • Freehand shooting support

Download Home Budget Soft For Mac 1.4 Download

  • Stability issues

The next panorama creating program on my list is Kolor Autopano. Other than the basic functions included in all the other stitcher softwares mentioned above, this option comes with a detailed manual that will help you use its features to the max.

If you won’t find a solution to a problem in the manual, you can always ask for help from other product owners on the company’s forums.

9. Affinity Photo

Best stitch software for beginners

Rank (4/5)
Mac / Win Read Affinity Photo review
  • RAW images support
  • Compatible with both raster and vector files
  • Can be used for panoramic, HDR, and focus stack merging
  • Layer support
  • Chaotic, unintuitive UI
  • Lacks import and image management functions
  • Can’t create personalized workspaces

Affinity Photo is another program that deserves to be on the list of the best photo stitching softwares. Affinity Photo vs Photoshop competition is widely discussed, because the former program is capable of generating high-quality results thanks to its refined panoramic functionality.

Additionally, this option allows users to introduce in-depth changes and adjustments, which is commonly found exclusively in expensive programs. If you like to use filters and effects, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the included customizable filters that can significantly improve the look of your photos.

  • Learn what software is better for photo stitching – Affinity Photo vs Lightroom.

10. GigaPan Stitch

Best stitching software for Mac and Win users

Rank (4/5)
Mac / Win
  • UI is convenient and simple to use
  • Best stability in the industry due to the two vertical arms (despite them not being perfect)
  • Available in different languages
  • Awesome value
  • There’s the weakness at the base level
  • No remote controls

GigaPan brand is known for taking panoramic photography very seriously as evident from their unique panoramic robot head, which I highly recommend to everyone who values professionalism in their work.

This is the best free photo stitching software for Apple and Microsoft PC users, who don’t have money to spare and want to put together multi-row panoramas. However, this program doesn’t stand out from the competition in any aspect other than its price.

11. Hugin

Best video stitching software in 2021

Rank (3.5/5)
Mac / Win
  • Free of charge
  • Open source under the GPL 2 license
  • The functionality doesn’t require extensive coding knowledge
  • Aimed exclusively at picture stitching
  • Panorama from Video
  • May be hard to figure out how it functions at first

Since Hugin is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, it is the best photo stitching software for beginning image editors, who look for programs to create panoramic shots. I wouldn’t call its interface appealing, but it is very user-friendly.

You can produce any kind of panorama you want thanks to Optimizer, Stitcher and Control Points functions. To get rid of the parts of a final panoramic shot or tweak the colors, you may take advantage of Exposure and Crop tools.

This free photo stitching software doesn’t offer more professional image post-processing tools. But the available toolkit will be quite sufficient for creating stunning panoramic pictures.

12. Microsoft ICE

Best photo stitching software for Win

Rank (4/5)
  • Supports plenty of picture formats
  • Export in layers
  • Simple and understandable working process
  • The stability can be improved

Image Composite Editor (ICE) has been produced by Microsoft, namely its imaging research laboratory. This stitch software complements the PhotoSynth technology.

Many users will appreciate a fascinating ability to build a still picture panorama from a video pan. Moreover, the program provides with an opportunity to compose shots in a totally different way, not similar to other panorama stitching softwares.

However, it doesn’t feature consumer improvement, while all other applications do. ICE resembles an experiment (that’s what it actually is). The program is free, compatible only with Windows and can be used as separate software or Photoshop plug-in.

13. iFoto Stitcher

Best photo stitching software for Mac

Rank (3.5/5)
  • Intuitive interface
  • A variety of export formats
  • An extensive toolkit
  • Automatic source image alignment
  • Supported only on Mac
  • Sometimes creates incorrect data
  • May cause slow system performance
  • No functions for image editing

It is possible to download this photo stitching software free from the App store. However, those who get this non-paid version, won’t have an opportunity to create panorama shots from RAW files.

Both paid and free iFoto Stitcher versions allow users to get high-resolution panoramic pictures and then share them on social networks without any difficulties.

The stitching program supports automatic merging of selected images into a separate panoramic photo. Therefore, you can’t see the end result till the application finishes creating a panorama picture.

14. PhotoStitcher

Best photo stitching software with intuitive interface

Rank (3.5/5)
Mac / Win
  • Intuitive interface producing top-grade panorama shots
  • Oversize scanner for cutting down the parts and stitching them together
  • Automatically adds lacking pixels to complete the picture
  • Progress bar is supposed to display a percentage
  • Uses all accessible CPU processing and slows down other applications

The program is aimed at stitching numerous images and creating a separate panorama shot. In case you are on the lookout for the best free photo stitching software, PhotoStitcher may be a perfect variant.

The toolkit is pretty powerful, with enabled scanning of the oversize pictures and editing them, using stitching and piecing. Moreover, you can take advantage of the program’s auto overlapping function for a quicker and more effective result.

15. Photo Pos Pro

Rank (3.5/5)
  • Adjustable UI for professionals and newbies
  • You can hide toolbars
  • Supports almost all file formats
  • Helpful support and guides
  • Difficult to master
  • Slow when performing complex manipulations

Photo Pos Pro allows you to stitch and create panoramic pics from series of photos. Just in several clicks, the software automatically generates great panoramic images. You can create horizontal and vertical panoramas.

Don’t worry if you have never worked with Photo Pos Pro. The software has two interfaces ‒ one for experts and one for amateurs. Apart from basic image editing tools, there is a wide array of filters and effects to enhance your photos. Professional shooters particularly enjoy RAW support.

Also, the software provides allows correcting colors, creating collages, business cards for web pages, etc. Users can retouch panoramas, using layers, custom brushes and healing tools, eliminate acne, pimples, and remove a red-eye effect. Moreover, you can apply different textures, gradients to design projects from scratch.

16. Pixtra PanoStitcher

Rank (3.5/5)
Mac / Win
  • Auto-detection of focal length
  • Supports zooming
  • Allows different exposures
  • Fixes camera distortion
  • Sometimes creates incorrect data

PanoStitcher provides automatic construction of 360° panoramic pictures from a number of overlapping shots taken around a fixed viewing point. What is more, this stitcher software supports immediate conversion of the panoramas into large wall art, fascinating screen savers or interactive web pages for virtual tours.

The whole process is illustrated and directed. The functions are concise and at the same time, complete. The actions are powerful but easy to perform. PanoStitcher is the best 360 stitching software for everyone who owns a camera, either an old or modern PC run on Windows OS. Its extensive functionality will help cope with any imaginable task.

17. PhotoFit Harmony

Rank (4/5)
Mac / Win
  • There are plenty of design tools to use
  • Works with raster and vector images
  • Panorama, HDR, and focus stack merging
  • The application is too expensive compared to similar software

This image stitching software is capable of analyzing a set of multi-column and multi-row shots. As a result, it smartly creates seamless pictures out of these shots. Aside from ultra-wide linear picture creation, PhotoFit Harmony produces whole, vertical or 360° horizontal panoramas.

There is even a possibility of creating gorgeous fish-eye or 180-degree shots. The 360 photo stitching software provides fully automatic focal-length detection, distortion canceling and perspective correction. The program pieces together separate shots to build huge pictures of 100M pixels.

18. PTAssembler

Rank (3.5/5)
Mac / Win
  • Remarkable interface and design
  • Helpful and understandable customer support
  • Automated, fast, with simple learning curve
  • Easy integration with numerous features
  • The search process is sometimes slow
  • Complicated to control a return

With this photo stitching app, you can completely control the entire process. You have an opportunity to select “auto-creation” of a stitched picture and let the program do it, with or without a few of your own adjustments.

Also, there is an option to perform the stitching almost manually, to achieve the best possible result. You can even combine two of these methods.

Users can export the end result in JPG, PSD, PSB, TIFF formats or “layered” picture files, such as PSB, PSD and numerous TIFFs. It means that you can blend the joint pictures by yourself as a final step.

Moreover, PTAssembler provides support for “blending” plug-ins, like Multiblend, Smartblend and Enblend. Their functionality enables users to join photos together seamlessly in problematic situations (uneven lighting, objects in motion, etc.)

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