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Download IMazing Profile Editor For Mac 1.2.5

IMazing Profile Editor. IMazing Profile Editor lets you create, edit, and sign Apple configuration profiles. Define settings with ease, ready to be deployed locally or via MDM to fleets of iPhones, iPads, Macs, and other Apple devices. A convenient and intuitive user interface generates standard-compliant configuration profiles, saving the need.

Invisibility Toggler enables you to view invisible files in the Mac OS X Finder.

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  • 'Imazing' lets you do amazing things with images. It is a fun and super-easy photo editing app. You can use your camera to take a photo or choose one from gallery to edit it in the app. 'Imazing' provides some simple yet powerful effects that can be applied to the photo you choose. Some of the effects are 1) Rotation 2) Pixellate 3.
  • In iMazing, transferring podcasts between iOS devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch) and PC or Mac computers is dead-easy and convenient. Whether you want to back up your entire podcasts library from your iPod touch to your PC, or quickly drag and drop a podcast from your Mac to your iPhone, workflows are simple and easy to follow.

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The first time you run it, all invisible files will become visible. The next time you run it, invisible files will be hidden again.

Invisibility Toggler is fast, well-developed, remarkably easy to use, doesn't ask you for confirmation each time you run it, comes with complete source code which you can modify for your private use, and the author doesn't demand that you to pay anything to use it (although a small donation is suggested).


Photo Editor For Mac

The author created Invisibility Toggler specifically because other free programs don't change the visibility setting automatically; they prompt the user first, forcing you to click on a button when all you really want is quick results. If you want to be prompted before the setting is changed, you can either use someone else's program, or if you feel comfortable editing AppleScript code, you can modify the included source code to suit your needs (refer to the 'Source Code License' section of the included Read Me).