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Download Internet Connection Keeper For Mac 8.1

Store your passwords in a secure environment with this application that allows you generate basic or complex encryption codes of varying lengths

Manage various Internet connection types. As far as connections are concerned, the application automatically sniffs LAN, mobile or Wi-Fi networks and allows you to choose the best connectivity option.

What's new in xCrypto Password Manager for Windows 8.1

  1. Internet Download Manager increases download speed with built-in download logic accelerator, resume and schedule downloads.
  2. Enjoy a New Internet Experience with High-Speed FDM. Featuring a modern elegant interface, the full version of our free internet download manager offers a unique set of best features and capabilities that allow you to speed up your internet downloads and get the files you want as effectively as possible. Advanced Features.
  • Scanning QR Bug Fix
  • UI Enhancements
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xCrypto Password Manager is a detailed password manager that can help users keep track of all their passcodes. The software automatically sorts all entries for ease of access. A built-in password generator allows users to generate strong passkeys.

Highly intuitive and easy to use

The application can be valuable for virtually all Internet users, since passwords are required for many online resources. Because it allows storing multiple entries, it can be particularly useful for anyone who has numerous accounts with passwords. It can also be a convenient tool for users that regularly access sites with log in requirements.

xCrypto Password Manager comes with a simple two-tone interface that newcomers will find highly intuitive and informative. The number of windows is quite small and all navigation in the Metro-style application is performed via buttons.

Comes with three modules

In essence, one can use this application in three modes: as a password manager, an authenticator or as a password generator. Of the three modes, the most valuable and advanced is the first. The passwords manager allows users to save website account details in a secure and well-sorted environment.

Other sensitive information can also be stored, such as bank and debit or credit card accounts. With the help of the Authenticator, one can generate access codes for two-step verification website accounts.

Can generate passwords based on user settings

The last possible use one might have for this software is as a password generator. This feature can be very useful, since generated strings can contain upper and lower case letters, as well as numbers and special characters. The password length can also be adjusted by users, which means output codes will be very strong!

All in all, xCrypto Password Manager is a detailed and powerful tool that can help users effectively manage their online accounts passwords.


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xCrypto Password Manager for Windows 8.1

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