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Download OneSync For Salesforce For Mac 1.4.1

Technical documentation lives here

Notes, Palm, Windows Mobile, ACT! By Sage, Goldmine, Salesforce, PIM software, and WorldCard series, such as WorldCard Mac, or WorldCard Mobile versions (WorldCard Mobile and WorldCard Contacs). Unicode Unicode makes it possible to display various languages of business cards at the same time. Download any one of the emulators, in case your PC fulfills the suggested System specifications. And finally, it is time to install the emulator which consumes few minutes only. Simply click on 'Download Salesforce APK' icon to start downloading the apk file into your PC. How to Install Salesforce for PC or MAC.

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Download OneSync For Salesforce For Mac 1.4.1

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Download OneSync For Salesforce For Mac 1.4.1 Pro

Active1 year, 10 months ago

I'm trying to npm install but got this error saying that my OS isn't supported. What could be the possible solution to this?

Download OneSync For Salesforce For Mac 1.4.1 Free

The log is here:

Here's the package.json

Elaine Byene
Elaine ByeneElaine Byene
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1Download OneSync For Salesforce For Mac 1.4.1

The issue is likely caused by the (deprecated) dev package, which directly depends on inotify, which is a Linux-only package so it won't work on macOS.

If you don't actually depend on the package, you can just remove it (npm uninstall dev --save).

Otherwise, you should probably replace it with a cross-platform alternative. The developer of dev suggests using nodemon.

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  • The issue is generated because of dev package, it directly depends on inotify(Linux-only) package

  • Remove this package with this command - npm uninstall dev --save

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sudo npm install -g eslinthere we need to use sudo for authentication



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