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Download the latest version of Calq for Mac. Download Amazon Music to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC and AIFF. Download Latest Version for Mac. Task Coach is an easy to use, free, open source task manager. In addition to being able to accomplish flexible composite tasks, Task Coach can also be configured to include other activities that are often associated with to do's, such as prioritizing, effort tracking, category tags, budgets, notes.


The Scribus Team is pleased to announce the release of Scribus 1.4.6.

Scribus 1.4.6 is almost exclusively a bugfixing and update release, including many corrections backported from the development candidate 1.5.x, whose next iteration 1.5.1 is supposed to be released soon after 1.4.6 with some exciting new features.

Most Important Changes

  • Scribus 1.4.6 finally supports SVG blend modes.
  • Improvements to Scribus’s PDF export.
  • Improvements to hyphenation.
  • Translation and documentation updates.
  • As of version 1.4.6, Scribus includes four new color palettes, namely CIE LAB and CIE HLC, both of which are available in a CMYK and an sRGB version. They refer to affordable color fans that use an open and non-proprietary color model.
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The complete changelog is available on

Download Scribus 1.4.6 from

Think about accessible project management tools, and one of the first apps that springs to mind is probably Trello. This is undoubtedly a powerful tool, but it is also far from being the only option on the market. An alternative is Stacks, a cross platform utility that is available for not only Windows and macOS as would hope and expect, but also Linux.

No matter what sort of project you are working on – and no matter how complicated it is or how many people are involved – Stacks gives you the tools you need to keep on top of your to do list, your contacts, your time, your finances and more.

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Unlike Trello which is very much a cloud-first option, Stacks prides itself on being a local-, offline-first utility which bring speed and security as a result. You do, however, have the option of synchronizing data in a variety of ways, including with Good Drive, iCloud and Dropbox; the choice is yours.

You can work with your tasks in a variety of ways, including creating location-based tasks and assigning different colours to tasks to help with identification. For larger projects, it is possible to link tasks (and subtasks) together, and there is a powerful search tool available for whenever it is needed.

The app boasts of its highly customizable nature, and this is undeniably one of its major strengths.

While there are Professional and Enterprise plans available for Stacks, many of the programs features are free of charge. This means that for many people management certain types of project, there will be no need for any sort of financial outlay.

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With the free version of Stack you have access to unlimited tasks and folder, but you are limited to a maximum of three project and you're limited to working in Kanban view. If you need more than this – including access to mobile apps – you will need to think about upgrading. If you're comparing Stack with Trello, it is worth keeping in mind that while Trello means incurring a monthly fee, Stacks is a one-off payment – if you have to pay at all, that is.

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A competitively price alternative to Trello that should be able to cater to most people's project management needs. In many ways, Stacks manages to better Trello, but at just about every step is it at least as good, so there really is no reason not to try it out – particularly as it is so easy to import data to get started.