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Download Practica Musica For Mac 7.038

Download Practica Musica For Mac 7.038
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Download Practica Musica For Mac 7.038

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The online url=to mp4/url support all web browsers to Download YouTube to MP3. Jordan Jay &#amp;038; STVCKS — Free (Official. Practica Musica is a complete music theory and ear training package with interactive music exercises and an included digital textbook. Allows progress tracking for school use and scores of customizable learning activities covering everything from real-time melody or rhythm reading to melodic dictation, chord recognition, 4-part writing, notation tools, and more. To start with if you want to get Spotify Music for PC, you need to install an emulator for your PC. There are lots of options such as BlueStacks, KOPlayer, but really any Android emulator will do.

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Publisher Description


Download Practica Musica For Mac 7.038 X

This multi-touch music fundamentals textbook offers the student a complete learning experience, combining traditional text content with live music examples and ending each chapter with an interactive quiz. Beginning with the basics of notation, the book assumes no prior knowledge – yet it progresses to more advanced topics such as chord progressions and voice-leading. Exploring Theory can be used either alone or in conjunction with the computer program Practica Musica, which contains a set of interactive activities coordinated with the book. The latest version of the book coordinates with the new iPad app Musica Touch™ which contains ear training and theory activities along with music writing tools.

Download Practica Musica For Mac 7.038

Customer Reviews

an essential introduction to music theory

Download Practica Musica For Mac 7.038 Free

i’m an only a few chapters into this book, and have come to it after having a read a few other fine texts, but this book is the clearest introduction to music theory that i have encountered. the multimedia features such as the image galleries, sounds and videos push it in a class of its own because many more examples of the concepts can be displayed in a very efficient matter.
it is also full of very interesting background on the historical development of music theory. for example the origins of the flat, sharp, and natural symbols are given and they are delightful.
i am extremely grateful to the author for producing this excellent work.

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How to find the book

Download Practica Musica For Mac 7.038 Pro

In response to the question from traveler123: this is an iBook, so you'll find it at the iBooks store. You can search for the full title, or 'Exploring Theory' or 'Music Theory.' It also appears in the Music section if you choose the Textbooks category at the store. - Customer support, Ars Nova.