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Download PrimoMusic For Mac 1.7.0

The Mixxx team has announced the final release of Mixxx 1.7.0, the open source DJ software that gives you everything you need to perform live mixes.

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The result of countless contributions from developers all over the globe, Mixxx 1.7.0 features an overhauled MIDI mapping system with advanced scripting capabilities, improvements to vinyl control, and many other tweaks and optimizations.

Download PrimoMusic For Mac 1.7.0

Our brand new MIDI scripting engine allows both users and developers to easily add complex behaviour to their MIDI devices. Whether you’re looking to get more out of your existing controller or want to take full advantage of cutting edge hardware, our 1.7.0 release won’t disappoint you. If you’d like more information on MIDI scripting, please see our documentation.

Changes in Mixxx v1.7.0

  • Improved MIDI device support:
    • MIDI learning wizard
    • MIDI mapping editor
    • Upgraded, faster mapping system
    • MIDI output now fully supported on Windows, OS X, and Linux.
    • QtScript/JavaScript-based MIDI Scripting Environment – Script complex behaviour for your MIDI controller!
    • Added full support for the Stanton SCS.3d and SCS.1m on all platforms.
    • Hercules MK2 and RMX improvements
    • Added Mixman DM2 mappings for Linux and OS X.
  • Vinyl Control:
    • Scratching responsiveness improved, with needle-skip prevention option added.
    • Signal quality indicators added to vinyl control preferences.
    • Improved support for soundcards with multiple stereo inputs
  • Convenience features:
    • The default skin is now widescreen, and fits nicely on netbook sized screens.
    • Stereo master VU meter added.
    • Cue points are now saved in the library for each track, with “auto-recall” cue option added to preferences.
    • Support for more platforms: 64-Bit Windows and a Universal OS X package for 10.4+!
    • Over 100 bug fixes and more!

Download PrimoMusic For Mac 1.7.0 Pc


Mixxx is available as binaries for Windows, Mac and Linux, free of cost. The source code is available for download as well.

Download PrimoMusic For Mac 1.7.0 Free

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