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A challenging shooting game that takes you through colorful space settings and allows you to test your skills against the computer or your friends.

What's new in Ultranium5 1.3:

  • Gamepad support addition
  • Online scores
  • Bug fixes
Read the full changelog

Arkanoid styled games still retain their charm and raise interest even after all this time. The gameplay remains the one proposed by the popular arcade game launched in 1986, but the settings change and you get to collect more bonuses or use trick shots.

Essentially, in this type of games, you are in front of a wall and you must use your “ship” to control the ball that bounces between you and a wall. Each time the ball strikes a brick, that tile disappears. The action must be repeated until the entire fortification is destroyed.

This way you can reach the next level and meet an even more resilient barrier: you might need to strike the bricks more than once for them to vanish, for example. At the same time, the wall might be protected by enemy ships and so on.

Ultranium5 is a challenging game that combines an Arkanoid setting with elements borrowed from shooter games. The colorful maps come with globes constructions and you must make them explode by launching a ball. At the same time, you can collect different power ups and simply start shooting at the enemies.

However, make sure that you still catch the ball on your side: if you let it slip you will have to start the level all over again. Of course, you receive points for each destroyed item and your performance is also timed.

In addition, Ultranium5 comes packed with a multiplayer mode which allows you to play against one of your friends. Last but not least, expert players can put their skills to the test in the Ikaragua mode.

All in all, Ultranium5 is a small game that comes with a twist upon the classic Arkanoid styled titles and can prove to be an entertaining passtime if you are an arcade enthusiast.

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Ultranium5 was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
  • 64-bit processor
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Ultranium5 1.3

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