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Download Quickly For Mac 1.2.6

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  2. Dec 04, 2020 Download the latest version of Quickly for Mac for free. Compare with similar apps on MacUpdate. Quickly for Mac 1.2.6. 04 December 2020.

If you keep misremembering keyboard shortcuts, using this program will make it easier for you to recall them, improving your efficiency in the process

What's new in Shortcut Keeper

  • Fixed an issue with setting the default global shortcut
  • Various UI improvements
Read the full changelog

Shortcuts can easily be misremembered, especially as lots of apps happen to have their own set of key combinations, separate from the already numerous OS hotkeys.

It all adds up, eventually, so you tend to forget how to access certain key combinations. Fortunately, programs to assist you with that do exist, and Shortcut Keeper is one such option: add your shortcuts of importance, insert the relevant apps for them, then bring them up whenever you require.

Download Quickly For Mac 1.2.6 Download

The lightweight, modern interface helps you get to your things faster

The design here is quite minimalist, but it manages to encompass what's most important in an app like this: getting to your shortcuts faster and easier. You can add new hotkeys in the My Shortcuts tab, and going through the process is hassle-free.

Essentially, you are prompted to record the key combination, its result, and the relevant program. Additionally, you may tag the entry for easier accessibility and grouping.

Navigating through the interface is a pleasant experience: as you add app-specific shortcuts, they will each be nicely presented in the All Apps tab, so you can reach them anytime you need.

Use the global hotkey to bring up what you need

Based on the key combinations you have inputted in the app, pressing CTRL+ALT+K will bring your shortcuts to the forefront at any given moment, no matter the app you're in. There isn't a special, designated menu for that, however: it'll just bring the app window in the front, giving you the ability to quickly look for what you require.

There is a dark theme available, and there's also the possibility of exporting your shortcuts into a .json or .csv file, so you can transfer them over to other apps if needed. Importing from other such programs is also possible, with the formats mentioned earlier being accepted.

Download Quickly For Mac 1.2.6 -

In conclusion

Shortcut Keeper is aptly named, because it stores the shortcuts most important to you in an intuitive interface, giving you the possibility to access them when you most require it.

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Shortcut Keeper was reviewed by Robert Condorache
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Shortcut Keeper

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