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Download Sequences For Mac 1.1.1

Download Sequences for Mac 1.1.1 torrent
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Скачать программы Senuti 1

Senuti 1.1.7 - быстрая передача файлов из iPhone/iPod на компьютер (перезалито 08/10 )

2013-05-16 Version 1.1.1 released. Line-wrapping, old ClustalW format, cluster output, variable cluster-size, changes to distance matrix, output order. 2012-04-25 Version 1.1.0 released. DNA/RNA support added. 2012-03-27 Version 1.0.4 released. 2011-09-07 Clustal Omega paper published in Molecular Systems Biology.

Год выпуска: 2009
Версия: 1.1.7
Разработчик: FadingRed
Платформа: PPC/Intel universal
Системные требования:
* Mac OS X 10.4+
* Any iPod or iPhone
* Optional: iTunes v6.0.2+ for iTunes integration
Язык интерфейса: только английский
Таблэтка: Присутствует
Описание: Senuti – еще одна утилита для быстрой передачи файлов из iPod на компьютер. Встроенная поисковая служба позволяет находить и сортировать треки по своему усмотрению. Также здесь можно предварительно прослушать заинтересовавший файл, чтобы решить, стоит ли его вообще загружать. Приложение также копирует целые плейлисты, сохраняя их внутреннюю структуру. По желанию пользователя, вся музыка может быть автоматически импортирована в библиотеку iTunes
Доп. информация: Unlock your iPod with Senuti, a simple Mac OS X application that allows you to transfer songs from your iPod or iPhone to your computer.
Use Senuti to transfer music after a hard drive crash, purchasing a new computer, or just to move music between computers. The stylish, award winning application is so easy to use, and provides an iTunes like interface with the ability to play or download tunes so you can manage all your music in one place.
* Lightning fast — There's a little file on your iPod called the iTunesDB file. What does that mean to you? Nothing. What does that mean to us? Everything. Every bit of information for every song and playlist on your iPod is stored in this little file. It's how iTunes knows what's on your iPod, and how your iPod knows what's there, too. It's the fastest way to identify content on your iPod.
* Finding Songs — Senuti includes built in options to find what you're looking for. Search and sort in many different ways. Know how the song goes, but don't know if that title is quite right? Play it! That's right, Senuti will play songs directly off of your iPod. It can even double as a jukebox player for your Shuffle or any other iPod.
* Playlists — Senuti not only reads playlists, but it allows you to transfer them back to your computer as well. A simple drag and drop action within the application will not only copy songs to your computer and add them to iTunes, but it will make a new playlist with the same name and add all of the songs to that list.
* Seamless Integration — Senuti will do all of the work for you. Have songs added to iTunes or organized into folders by artist and album. The choice is yours.

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