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Download SmartMemoryCleaner For Mac 2.3.0

I don't think it is fair to write a review, so I will just toss out a comment for the technically astute to ponder on. I acquired this application in a bundle tonight; I installed it; I licensed it; and it re-started.It gives me an image featuring a black memory module on a small greenish circuit board, upon which it says that I have 650 MB of free memory. I can click on on an 'X' which I suppose would terminate the program, or I can click on the section of the circuit board which says 'Clean My Memory.'OK, I'm game. Let's clean my memory. Now I get another window which says: Important! Please read the following.Press the (OK) button to clean the memory. For optimal results, don't use any other applications during the cleaning process.[check-box} Do not show this message againOKThat's it. That's all of it.Does it strike anyone that something is missing here? I mean, I am not a programmer, but don't you think I should get a Cancel button, too?What if I changed my mind? What if I don't want to clean my memory anymore? What if I don't want to quit all the other applications I am in the midst of using? What if I don't want to interrupt my work flow just to gain some more memory? Wouldn't the act of closing those applications automatically free up memory? If so, then what's the damn point of this application?Now, I don't like an application which gives me a warning message and gives me no other option but to say OK and go ahead to perform the procedure about which it warned not to do without risking unforeseen results? Am I alone in thinking like this? Here we yet another example of a small utility written by a developer who fails to educate us adequately and ahead of time how his application works and what its potential negative impact can be.To give such an application even one star would be a gift that is beyond my generosity. Since the developer gives me so little, I have little choice but to respond in kind. I will now Force Quit this app and trash it, along with the other half-baked applications that come in such software bundles to give us the illusion that we are getting a bargain.

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Download Smart Memory Cleaner For Mac 2.3.0 Full

Download smart memory cleaner for mac 2.3.0 keyMemory

Download Smart Memory Cleaner For Mac 2.3.0 Plus

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