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Download Stellar PST To MBOX Converter For Mac 4.0.1

This tool can convert MBOX files to PST in a few clicks. Stellar Converter for MBOX supports various MBOX-based email clients, including Entourage, Eudora, Apple Mail, Mac Mail, Thunderbird Mail, and others. This tool also allows users to perform selective conversion with the help of using the filter option. Stellar PST to MBOX Converter is designed to provide the accurate and safe migration from Windows PC to Mac PC. The tool efficiently converts Outlook PST data to Apple Mail MBOX data. It also allows users to access all their emails to other mailbox items. Descarga fiable para Mac de Stellar PST to MBOX Converter for Mac GRATIS. Descarga libre de virus y 100% limpia. Consigue Stellar PST to MBOX Converter for Mac descargas alternativas. Download Download Office 365 Emails Software. Office 365 Backup v.1.0 Office 365 Backup Software is easy and helpful solution to convert all database from Office 365 cloud to local MSG, EMLX, PST, MBOX and EML file format. GroupWise to Office 365 Migration v.12.08.01 Kernel Office 365 migrator for GroupWise in-house emails, contacts and other. DropBox work.version-Stellar cHZ-PST-to #MBOX NR57. Azjn4 Stellar OST to PST Converter Technical 5.0 Portable, 1crl3 SysTools DBX to PST Converter 4.3 0 k9r t86h3 Stellar Drive Clone Reviews - Stellar Phoenix Windows Data.

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The Best MBOX to PST Converter for Mac

Mail Extractor Pro is developed by USL Software to convert Apple Mail, the Thunderbird, the Postbox, EML (*.eml files) and Convert MBOX to PST file for Outlook:mac 2019/2016 /Office 365/ 2011 for Mac and Microsoft Windows Outlook Office 365, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2003, 2007.

Convert MBOX to PST format

If you wish to convert emails from Apple Mail / Thunderbird / Postbox / EML / MBOX to PST format, then Mail Extractor Pro is the answer for you. Some of the notable features of Mail Extractor Pro that makes this exporter the first preference for all users when it comes to MBOX to PST conversion is as following:

Easy to Use GUI

Direct and uncomplicated export of MBOX messages to PST format. You can “Auto Load” to automatic load for the Apple Mail, Thunderbird & Postbox Database and for MBOX you can use “MBOX files: Load”.

100% Accurate

Conversion of MBOX file’s native encoding alongside the export to PST format. You will get as copy of your original file by preserving your email contents & maintain your folder hierarchy.

Free Pst To Mbox Converter

Any Size of File

Support for any size of MBOX files to be exported to PST format. Also it has split option, if you large email database to convert into multiple PST file format. You can also convert mbox file in bulk.

The Mail Extractor Pro, we are talking about not only exports & transfers MBOX files to Outlook (PST file) 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 & Office 365 for Windows and Outlook 2019, 2016, 2011 for Mac, but also makes sure the converter accurately exports all metadata information as well from MBOX to PST Format. It is designed to convert Mail database of Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, the Postbox and MBOX to PST file.


  • Convert Unlimited Accounts
  • Life Time License
  • Free Upgrade for Life
  • 24×7 Live Priority Support
  • Works on Mac
  • Convert from multiple sources
  • Fast and Accurate Conversion
  • Safe and secure conversion

How, ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ is better than other mbox to pst converter tools?


Direct and uncomplicated export of MBOX data to PST format.

Unlike most other similar solutions available in the market, this MBOX to PST converter requires absolutely no additional tools or any complicated intermediate steps to help convert your data from MBOX format to PST format.

Support Files of Any Size

We do realize that Email storage of today’s email clients may grow very large on account of all the important data that needs to get stored on it. Size constraint is not a problem for this MBOX to PST converter, as it can handle export of MBOX files to PST format of any size.

Effortless User Interface

With Mail Extractor Pro, trouble understanding the User interface or the conversion process will never be an issue that you will have to face. Mail Extractor Pro has one of the easiest User interface that makes sure the MBOX to PST conversion process can be handled without any inconvenience.

All Outlook Versions Supported

Mail Extractor Pro supports all versions of Microsoft Outlook, including 32- and 64-bit editions. You won’t have to bother about any compatibility issues when using Mail Extractor Pro for your MBOX to PST format.

MBOX to PST Encoding Conversion

The MBOX to PST converter also takes care of the export of MBOX file’s native encoding into that of Outlook for Windows PST format. The software performs automatic encoding conversion side by side during the MBOX to PST export process.

In-Built File Splitter

Sometimes Microsoft Outlook does not support large PST file. So we have in-built splitter that helps you to split into multiple PST file as per your requirements.

Nonpareil Customer Support

Providing a premier tool for MBOX to PST file conversion is not the only aim that was kept in mind while creating Mail Extractor Pro. Combining outstanding customer support alongside this leading tool for MBOX to PST Conversion is what we wanted to accomplish and we did.

Conversion Report & Other Options

While converting MBOX to PST you will get preview of your folder structure, select the folders you want to convert and ignore empty folders etc. You will get full conversion report at end of your MBOX to PST conversion.

Free Demo Version – MBOX to PST Converter

You can download the free demo version of this MBOX to PST converter, in just few simple clicks to get a review by yourself about the software. This demo version of MBOX to PST converter helps you to get a complete user experience about the working process of the software by letting you convert first few MBOX files that can include emails, contacts and calendar entries into Outlook PST format free of cost.

Full Version- Mail Extractor Pro

Once you have tried the Demo version of our MBOX to PST converter and are satisfied with the results, we have the full version of the software waiting for you. With the complete version of the software you can access complete conversion with no limits defined upon the number of items to be exported from MBOX format to Outlook PST Format.

FAQ for ‘Mail Extractor Pro’

  1. I have large files. How quickly does it convert them?

    USL Software has exclusive focus on speed of data conversion. It can deliver much faster conversion of MBOX to PST than any other mbox to pst converter tool out there. In general, you can get PST files converted from one GB of data in less than 10 minutes. Though exact speed depends on many factors.

  2. How does it handle extremely large MBOX files?

    While converting large MBOX to PST files, ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ remains stable and efficient. Its brilliant capacity of handling over-sized MBOX files/databases prove it to be one of the best available software for larger migration projects.

  3. I have many media files as attachments and they are large. Does the MBOX to PST converter tool convert them with accuracy?

    Mail Extractor Pro’ is optimized fiercely for such intricate parts of Mail database. It deals with all sorts of attachments with ease, including large attachments, textual or non-textual files, and even cloud-stored files. Very few mbox to pst converters in this category can offer clean conversion of all attachment files without exception.

  4. Does interacting with the tool require expertise on MBOX to PST migration?

    No. The sophisticated features are smartly laid out and integrated within a friendly one-screen interface that requires no expertise on MBOX to PST migration. Let go of any concerns regarding daunting steps and inputs that otherwise inferior migration solutions demand. Even if this is your first time, you will have no trouble picking it up right from the very first step.

  5. The folder hierarchy is important to me. Will I lose that hierarchy during migration?

    Damage or complete loss of the structure of the folders is a common outcome in such tasks, but not with ‘Mail Extractor Pro’. It scans the folders and the arrangement in such a way that the entire structure is mapped out into PST format without changes. It is crucial feature that is missing with other mbox to pst converter tools and has a big impact in overall experience and productivity of the migration project.

  6. Does it support Chinese and other double-byte characters?

    The full support for Unicode encoding standard brings every language on board, including Chinese and its variants and every other double-byte character. It also processes Unicode content from headers, email addresses, links, and from every other place associated with emails. There are no loss of text in English, Chinese, or any other language.

  7. Is there a way to control the size of converted PST files?

    The automatic PST-split feature is a convenient option for users with large databases that are concerned with getting big output files. Large PST can be difficult to import to Outlook, but with ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ you are free of any such problems. Simply specify the maximum size you find reasonable for your purpose, and the tool will split the files automatically according to that.

  8. What’s include in the MBOX to PST converter free trial?

    Free trial version of ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ includes all the features that make it one of the top recommended tools for this job. The only thing that makes it a trial version is that it converts only ten items from each folder. It’s a perfect way to get into action and see how everything works for your needs.

  9. What else kind of database does it convert to PST?

    Mail Extractor Pro’ allows converting Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, and MBOX files to PST.

  10. How can I reach out for support?

    The tech support of USL Software is available 24 x 7, all days of the year, and are reachable via email or chat. You can also ask for direct assistance via TeamViewer if you need it.

Outlook email client is popular and in-demand due to its security, larger file items storage with emails, anti-spam facility, Exchange compatibility, etc. Even the other email clients like MBOX clients are frequently migrating to Outlook owing to Outlook’s better and advanced features. So, keeping the demand, this entire blog will focus on the methods to perform MBOX to PST conversion.

Pst To Mbox Converter For Mac

What are the plus points of the Outlook email client?

  • Supports all mailboxes data – contacts, tasks, calendar, etc.
  • Ability to configure other email clients including Exchange server
  • Better security and features than other email clients
  • Interactive user interface for smooth operations
  • Advanced file format to save complete Outlook data
  • Supports more languages than MBOX clients
  • Anti-spam and password protection facilities for data
  • No need of internet connection to access already opened items

Expert Solutions

Get automatic solution to convert MBOX/MBX files of more than 20 email clients like AppleMail, Entourage, Eudora etc to Outlook PST file formats with the help of MBOX to PST tool.

There are some free solutions for MBOX to PST conversion which you can give a test trial. But we do not assure you data integrity with these methods while performing the conversion process. So, it is always strongly advised to take a backup of your MBOX file data before performing any such free solution. The available free methods for the conversion are:

A. Convert through EML Files

This solution involves the idea of saving the required MBOX emails to EML file format and then exporting these files to Outlook application using Import/Export feature. Let us know this sequential stage wise process as described below.

  1. Create a New folder & move MBOX file items: First, open the MBOX email client and right-click on any mailbox folder. Select the option New Folder, provide a name to it and select Create Folder to create it. Now copy and paste or drag/drop desired MBOX emails (for conversion) to this new folder.
  2. Convert to EML format: Select all the MBOX files for conversion in that folder and right-click on it. Choose the Save as to EML option. Provide the path location to save the converted EML files.
  3. Move EML to Outlook EML files: Open the Outlook EML file folder and drag-drop the earlier saved EML files to it.
  4. Export EML files to Outlook PST files: Open Import and Export wizard in Outlook by following File>Import >Import/Export.
    Then select Export to a file option and click Next.
    Select Outlook data file (.pst) as the next option and click on Next.
    Now, from the folders, select that folder with EML files and click on Next.
    Add the saving location for PST file, select the option for managing duplicate items and click on Finish.

    The MBOX file is converted to PST finally.

    Note: To move few important emails in the EML files and not in a mood to create the whole separate PST file, users can simply drag the EML files exported from the MBOX email client and drop them to a specific folder of the PST mailbox in the opened Outlook application.

B. Convert through Multiple Email Clients

This method involves multiple-stages to ultimately reach to the MBOX to PST conversion. First stage includes moving MBOX files to AppleMail email client, second stage calls for creating mailboxes in Eudora email client, third stage for importing mailboxes in Outlook Express and the final stage ultimately importing mailboxes from Outlook Express to Outlook.
To make it clear, let us know the procedure steps stage wise which must be followed in sequence only.

Free Mbox Converter

Note: User should install AppleMail, Eudora, Outlook Express and Outlook on the system beforehand to perform this process.

How To Open Mbox Files In Outlook

  • First Stage – Importing MBOX to AppleMail
    1. Open the AppleMail application and follow File>Import Mailboxes.
    2. Now, select File in MBOX Format option and click on Continue to move further.
    3. In the next window, browse the MBOX file location for conversion and select the option Choose to select the items to import and then click on Continue.
    4. The import process will begin. Click on Done when it is completed.
    5. The MBOX file is imported to AppleMail account.
  • Second Stage – Creating Mailbox in Eudora Email Client

    Follow the steps as given:

    1. First rename and add extension .mbx to the imported MBOX file, for example – test.mbx.
    2. Go to this location C:Documents and Settings<user>Application DataQualcommEudora and paste this imported test.mbx file.
    3. Now, launch your Eudora application and select the test.mbx file for confirmation of its existence as mailbox.
  • Third Stage – Importing MBOX file from Eudora to Outlook Express

    Perform the import process as follows:

    1. Start the installed Outlook Express and then click File and select Import and then click on Messages option.
    2. Select Eudora option and then click on Next.
    3. Browse the MBOX file, test.mbx and click on OK. Move further by clicking on Next, again Next and finally click on Finish option.
    4. The MBOX file will get saved at the local folders in Outlook Express.
  • Final Stage – Importing MBOX file from Outlook Express to Outlook

    Using the Import feature in Outlook, it would be easy to move Outlook Express file to it. Let us understand the process.

    1. Start the Outlook application and go to File>Import>Import and Export.
    2. In the opened Import and Export Wizard, select Import Internet Mail and Addresses option and click on Next.
    3. Now select Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x or Window Mail, select other import options (Import Mail & Import Address Book) and click on Next.
    4. Once the import gets completed, the conversion process is finished and finally MBOX is converted to PST.

Issues/Limitations with Free Methods

Mbox To Pst Converter Software

The limitations which resist users to perform the above native solutions are listed below:

  • Indirect, complex procedures
  • Long and confusing process
  • No ensured data integrity
  • Only emails transfer with EML conversion method
  • High chances of data and properties loss
  • Lot of technical expertise required
  • Small data conversion only
  • Risks of MBOX folder structure loss
  • Do not support multiple MBOX files conversion
  • Chances of SMTP header corruption or loss
  • Need too many email clients installation (more than two)

If you are not interested in taking risk or investing time in the free solutions, feel free to perform MBOX to PST conversion in the automated way by the robust MBOX to PST Converter solution. It directly converts MBOX to PST without any data limitations using 4-5 steps only. The process is simple, accurate and efficient as perfect conversion is achieved in some minutes only. Take a trial with its demo version available on the site and then decide to own it.

Ending Up

We would like to conclude this blog with the assessment that whether there are free solutions available to convert MBOX to PST but all of it are indirect, complex and lengthy processes. Also, one cannot rely on it completely. Therefore, converting MBOX to PST via an intelligent professional tool would be a better, time-saving and efficient idea.