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Download Tea Box For Mac 1.1

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Uploaded bywyn_price
Game Version1.12.2
Supported Java Versions
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


Rewritten for 1.12.2!


  • Switch Probe. An item used to change the texture of a Secret Rooms Mod block. Click on a non Secret Rooms block to set the texture, then click (or shift click for doors/trapdoors/chests) on the Secret Rooms block you want to change.
  • Exposting Helmets. Wearing this helmet will tell you where Secret Rooms Block are.


Download Tea Box For Mac 1.12

  • Secret Room Blocks dont have to be full blocks. Now the Secret Rooms Blocks wont default to stone when you place it on a non-full block block. The colliding box and select box will also change accordingly. The Secret Rooms Block will also change its own state accoding to its surronding. For example with fences

Download Tea Box For Mac 1.14

Currently no support for walia, the one probe or MalisisDoors, however that should be on the way.