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Download Team Stat Keeper For Mac 1.2.2

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A simple application that takes the form an Excel template for keeping batting statistics and division standings for a softball or baseball team

What's new in Softball/Baseball Team Calculator 4.74:

  1. Download the SNMP4tPC Getif MIB collection now by clicking here! You will notice that the Getif.log file has some entries now. This is due in part to missing cross-references. I have not spent a lot of time cleaning it up, as it might reduce the number of browse-able objects. Plus, it's a lot of work. Remember, we're compiling 620 MIBS now!
  2. Download Softball/Baseball Team Calculator - A simple application that takes the form an Excel template for keeping batting statistics and division standings for a softball or baseball team.

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  • Fixes:
  • Documents did not display a standard ribbon tab set.
  • Quick Action Toolbar (QAT) functions and shortcuts incorrectly mapped to SBC functions.
  • Closing documents that had been modified did not prompt to save changes (Windows versions of Excel).
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Thankfully, with tools like SBC (short for Softball/Baseball Team Calculator), you can easily implement advanced game-results tracking functionality into your Excel, and later dynamically update the content you want to push onto a live page, on your website.

Getting started with SBC and some of its basic requirements

Firstly, you should know that SBC is a lightweight instrument that is small in size, flexible, and easily configurable. Also, the multi-platform tool is suitable for Windows OS and macOS. Being an Excel-based application, you should expect that SBC will add functionality to your Excel; this will further allow you to configure the data input and output for softball and baseball games, as well as compute advanced statistics.

Before initiating a new SBC instance, you must know that having Excel pre-installed on your system is mandatory. SBC supports both newer and older versions of Excel, 2007-2019. Also, for certain versions of Microsoft Excel, 2010 and newer, it adds the custom ribbon, menu functionality, and toolbar functionality, easily accessible from your Excel panel.

Some of the great advantages of this application are the lack of ads and product placements (alongside no data tracking) and SBC's widely extensive documentation that explains, in great detail, how to get started with the tool and how to configure some of its most important aspects.

Understanding some of the traits of this tool

First of all, this set of instruments is helpful for data input, data management, and directed, configurable data output, specifically for softball and baseball results tracking and analyzing.

This softball and baseball calculator can help you keep track of the progress of each player or the score of the overall team; moreover, it provides the possibility to view statistics on a game-by-game basis. Moreover, you can track and calculate data and statistics from across multiple seasons, generate box scores, and more importantly, with a dedicated command, generate a team website, with the live scores.

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Softball/Baseball Team Calculator 4.74

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