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Download For Mac 2.0.3


Download For Mac 2.0.3 Free

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There is no need for all this NEGATIVE criticism towards this developer and this app. Just read through the comments, some of them don't even understand what this app does and are giving it half star ratings. One guy says 'use the real thing', this app is not a replacement for VLC.. Another guys says 'Download the REAL VLC player...'. Again, giving a half star rating and has no clue what this app does. It's like a drive by shooting. Another person says it is 'immoral' for this developer to charge $4 for an apple script applet.
Yes it IS true there is a script freely available that CAN be turned into an applet...BUT ONLY IF YOU ARE INCLINED OR HAVE THE SKILLS TO DO SO. We forget those of us that use MacUpdate, most of us are above average in computer literacy, but we are really probably represent less than 1% of the population. What this developer is doing is providing a convenience and charging for that convenience. THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME AND DRIVES OUR ECONOMY!! Yes, I could wash my car for free in the driveway, or I can take it to the car wash and have some one else do it, and I have paid as much $20-30 (with tip) to have someone wash my car and wipe it down. My wife could cut her own nails for free, or she can go to a salon and pay $30+ to have someone do it for her.
We shouldn't condemn people who provide convenience for us, or criticize consumers who make an economic decision to pay for conveniences they don't want to directly take care of themselves. If what this developer is doing is wrong, then what about Doug's iTunes AppleScripts, who also charges for many of the scripts/applets on that site? Some of you are gonna say that's different, Doug's scripts are complex or they do more, they have more value. From who's point of view? To someone who doesn't write scripts or know how to build applets, it could be a 5 line script or 500 lines, it doesn't matter. If you like what the script does, and think the CONVENIENCE it offers is worth price, it may worth it to you.
My wife is a perfect example of a user who might want this app. Her work requires that she quickly preview large amounts of video clips all the time., sometimes side by side. She is very smart, has a Master's Degree, but she's not computer technical. It's not that she COULDN'T take the provided script and build an applet, it's not that she isn't smart enough if she wanted is that she doesn't CARE too, she has no interest and it doesn't offer any satisfaction to do so. She is not a techno geek, and she is PROUD of it.
She could ask me , and I would build this applet, and in fact I have done so. BUT what if she wasn't married to me or knew someone to build an applet from the script. $4 TO HER is chump change to get the functionality that greatly improves her workflow and efficiency. When she consults, she charges $150/hour. $4 up front to save her maybe an hour of time to open AppleScript, (remember she would be a newbie), figure it all out, save it, etc. Not even a debate, not to mention the hours of time saved afterward previewing her video clips.
Geez people, lighten up! If you have the skills to build your own applet, good for you, appreciate the fact you are part of the 1% that even cares or wants to deal with apple scripts. Don't condemn someone for providing the convenience for a nominal charge. I bet most of us here make our living in the tech industry; next time someone questions whether YOUR SERVICES are worth the price when they could do it themselves or find someone to do it for less....well remember how you slammed this poor guy. What goes know the rest.

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