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Download TuneBar For Mac 3.6.1

Use MacTuneUp to prevent system problems and speed up your Mac with a virtual toolbox of handy help. MacTuneUp quickly discovers and fixes problems, restores hard disk space, maximizes Internet performance, securely erases files and folders, completely removes unwanted apps, guts unnecessary language files, makes your Mac boot faster. Install the app. Double-click the new TunnelBear icon and follow the on-screen instructions. Sign up or log in. Follow the on-screen instructions to log in or create an account. Start tunneling. Pick a country or select Fastest for the fastest speeds, then toggle the switch ON!

One of the best suites of tools for working with RAW image files regardless of price, and with its very active and cooperative developers community it just gets better and better. It is not intended to be an 'editor' but rather a 'finisher' of images. This requires a very clear concept of what one wants out of an image — not some vague sense of 'vibrant' or 'sharper' — which can be challenging at first, especially for one accustomed to dumbed-down editors that offer automated quick fixes. Yet the precision and versatility of this collection of software is well worth the effort, and helps to encourage better exposures to start with. Be aware that the core development occurs under Linux, the OS X version is a port maintained by a separate group of volunteers, and there often is a lag between versions. Also, new hardware support can be delayed depending on who is available to code and review it, but when that support does get committed, it is typically better than the manufacturers' own support.

Master Royale is a free Clash Royale private server, it's free and will always be that way.


Meet new friends, beat your enemies, and climb to the top! Whatever you want to do in Master Royale, it will always be a fun and entertaining experience.


Tired of fake websites and always-offline servers? You don't have to worry, on our Clash Royale private server this is not going to happen!

New Master Royale will lead your Clash Royale experience to a new level

Master Royale is a Clash Royale private server, which means that it's not an official Supercell server. However, on Master Royale you will have an awesome time playing on the best Clash Royale private server. You will start with unlimited gems and unlimited gold. You can also use in-game commands to instantly get all cards at max level! (Just type /easy in the in-game clan chat. It's that simple!) On Master Royale, only the best Clasher wins the battle. Everything is free, so there's no pay to win! Only skill matters when playing on our server!



You will start your journey on Master Royale with 1 million gems, this will be enough to unlock all the cards in the game and open limitless amounts of chests!


You will start your journey on our Clash Royale private server with 1 million gold as well! This should help you upgrade every card in the game. (though you can just use commands for that!) Need more? Don't worry! Just head to the shop and purchase more with unlimited gems!


Tired of waiting for new cards to be available? We got you covered! Every time new cards are added, they will always be available on Master Royale!


Come try our custom mods with new game-modes, unique cards, and arenas! (*Coming soon)


Every month we will organize new events that you will fall in love with!


Battle your friends, classmates, and enemies on Master Royale! May the best Clasher win!

See Some Cool In-App Screenshots


Check out these awesome screenshots taken within our Clash Royale private server app!

Download Master Royale Today

Ready to join Master Royale? Grab your smartphone and download the APK (Android Only)


Master Royale Server Discord

Meet our community on Discord.

Download tune bar for mac 3.6.1Join Our Discord

Master Royale is waiting for you on SuperSlash

Master Royale is fully supported, if you have recently experienced an issue-- stay calm! we've got you covered with our awesome staff.Please join the Superslash community to get full support and find helpful videos, guides, tips and tricks for all your Clashing needs, all made by your fellow Clashers.

By the team

We are opening Master Royale!

Hello kings, we have officially opened Master Royale: A Clash Royale private server after a few months of beta testing! It comes with no mods but the best experience and uptime!

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Download Tunnelbear For Mac

The Summer Of PvP!

Hey Kings, we are glad to announce that we finally made PvP working! It's already live, you can test it out on Master Royale -- the best Clash Royale private server!

Tunnelbear Download For Windows 10

By the team

Breaking News! 2v2!

Hey kings, we announced a few days ago the launch of PvP, but now we are also glad to announce that 2v2 battles are now live on Master Royale! You can go ahead and test it out now on the best clash royale private server.