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Download WorkDone For Mac 2.0.2


Download Patternodes for Mac free. Parametric vector patterns and animations. Patternodes 2.0.2 (External server) External download options.

Download Work Done For Mac 2.0.2

This is a fantastic little tool for webmasters. $30 is a drop in the bucket compared to the time and effort this will save you if you need to create custom web forms with any given frequency. For me, this little app has already paid for itself with its first use. Just to make clear - it does not actually create the html form itself. You need to be html savvy enough to write the form it will use a the front end. What this program does is take your form and deal with all the behind scenes dirty work in a very fast and efficient way. I have one particular client that stages various events and each event needs a custom registration form that suits the requirements of particular event. In the past it would have taken me roughly an hour to get a moderately complex custom web form set up for them with proper validation, recaptcha, mysql data dump, etc. Now I just create my form layout in Coda or TextMate exactly to the client's specifications, run it through Forms to Go, and I have a fully validated form complete with a data dump and way for my non-technical clients to view the data online in less than 20 minutes. I only have two gripes and they tend to be relatively minor (at least to me): Perhaps a more friendly one-window wizard type interface similar to ForeverSave would be better than the piecemeal menu driven setup which tends to be a bit clunky at first. Honestly, however, once you run through it once this becomes a very minor grievance. Second - Clicking 'User's Guide' in the help menu does not take you anywhere. The Quick Start guide does work properly, but does not provide near enough detail for a geek like me. I did hunt down the help pages online, but somewhat ironically, the topics I actually wanted to research (How it works, Validation options) did not display due to php errors. For anyone who is savvy enough to be building web forms this may not be a big deal. It certainly did not impede my ability to use the software and get value out of it. I just like for my help documentation to actually be there if/when I need it. Those minor issues aside, this is a very good utility that will save you lots of time and trouble if you ever have to deal with a custom web form!

Download Work Done For Mac 2.0.2 Download

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