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Download Yummy FTP Watcher For Mac 3.0.9


Download the latest version of Yummy FTP for Mac free. Yummy FTP is an easy to use, yet powerful FTP + SFTP + FTPS file transfer client for Mac OS X. Yummy Ftp Watcher 3 0 9 Jixipix Romantic Photo 2 3 2 Player Games Database Types Video Converter Platinum 6 6 23 Download Free Winpcin Siemens Boson 1 2 8 Download Free One Switch 1 6 3 Rpg Maker Vx Ace Crack Download Vernissage 1 3 5 – Mockup Generator Klokki 1 1 3.


Based on the original FTP Watcher v1 integrated into the regular version of Yummy FTP itself, Yummy FTP Watcher v2 provides three new modes of operation for both upload and download watching, a new unified watcher monitor, comprehensive control over each watcher behaviour and much more!
Supported modes of operation :
- Auto Upload
- Auto Upload + Archive
- Auto Download
- Sync : Update Mac
- Sync : Update Server
- Unified watcher monitor + editor window
- Pause/resume individual watchers
- Pause/resume transfers
- Integrated local/remote folder browser
Requirements: OS X 10.5.8 or later
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Download Yummy FTP Watcher For Mac 3.0.9 Pro

Modes of Operation

  • Folder-watch and transfer of new/changed items:

  • Schedule repeating* directory synchronizations:

  • Watch Server Folder: Get notified when a server folder changes with a list of what has changed, so you can take action.




Download Yummy FTP Watcher For Mac 3.0.9 Key

Download Yummy FTP Watcher for Mac 3.0.9 pro
  • Menubar-app background mode
  • Unified watcher monitor + editor window
  • Built-in local/remote folder browser
  • Automatic reconnect and resume
  • Filtering and specific exclusions
  • Scheduling
  • Bandwidth limiting
  • Fine-grained logging
  • Notification Center, Growl, and email notifications

Download Yummy FTP Watcher For Mac 3.0.9 File

Compatibility: OS X 10.8 or later 64-bit