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Blossom Elegance

Blossom Elegance

Pearl Flower Brooch

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Meticulously crafted, four graceful pearls and a delicate petite pearl form a classic floral arrangement, embraced by a halo of micro-diamonds for a radiant touch. Each petal exudes its unique allure, showcasing the perfect fusion of pearls' sophistication and micro-diamonds' sparkle.

• Design: Elevating Petal Nobility in Matte Gold Brooch.
• Details: Crafted with a matte gold setting, three distinct pearls in varying hues add a touch of sophistication.
• Closure: Secure clasp for easy use.

• 14k gold plated brass
• Freshwater cultured pearls
• Simulated Diamond
• Dimensions: 0.5in / 1.5cm
• Weight: 5.3g
• Meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, each piece is unique and may vary slightly from the image.

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