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Golden Harvest Flutter

Golden Harvest Flutter

Vibrant Brooch of Sparkling Grains

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Celebrate the beauty of nature's golden bounty. With sparkling diamonds and a lively design, it captures the essence of a flourishing harvest and adds a charming touch to any ensemble. The wheat sheaves are embellished with glistening yellow diamonds, evoking the radiant hues of ripe grains. A lustrous pearl completes this vibrant brooch, nestled among the golden strands.

• Inspiration: Wheat sheaves with glistening yellow, a handcrafted butterfly bow adds energy, a lustrous pearl nestled in golden strands offers captivating charm.
• Details: Yellow diamonds set within wheat stalks, adorned with pearls and a petite butterfly bow, embody the balance of perpetual growth.
• Closure: Secure clasp for easy use.
• Versatility: Adds sophistication to any occasion. Perfect for formal events, celebrations, or daily elegance.

• 14k gold plated brass
• Multicolor crystal accents
• Freshwater cultured pearls
• Dimensions: 1.8in / 4.7cm
• Meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, each piece is unique and may vary slightly from the image.

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