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Rose Gold Calla Lily Bloom

Rose Gold Calla Lily Bloom

A Floral Symphony Brooch

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Infused with a touch of whimsy, the Calla Lily Bloom cluster is gracefully embellished with a bow, meticulously fashioned into a trio of exquisite Calla Lily blooms. At the heart of each flower, an oval-cut diamond sparkles, resembling the center of a blossoming bloom. Adding the finishing touch to this floral masterpiece, a perfectly sized pearl is delicately nestled among the Calla Lily petals.

• Inspiration: The yellow calla lily symbolizes shared ideals.
• Details: Oval-cut diamond and a perfectly sized pearl grace the cluster.
• Closure: Secure clasp for easy use.

• 18k gold plated brass
• Freshwater cultured pearls
• Simulated Diamond
• Size: 2.5in / 6.5cm
• Weight: 12.7g
• Meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, each piece is unique and may vary slightly from the image.

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